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As & #039; & #039; Ташкент' & #039; business wrung out: in Donetsk new victims have started talking

The largest successful transport companies of the occupied part of Donetsk region have accused ''the minister of taxes and fees of the DPR'' of Alexander Timofeev (Tashkent) of illegal capture of their business.

As was said by the official plenipotentiary of owners Alexander Alexandrov in the comment to the IS GIVEN resource under control to terrorists, from Timofeev's actions have suffered LLC Regionalny fond pryamykh investitsy', LLC Smaragd-2013, LLC Yugo-vostochnye avtobusnye stantsii'. Ten bus stations, including Youzhny bus station and bus station ''The covered market'' were owned.

''have come on September 29, 2015 to the enterprises armed men who were presented by the staff of the ministry of income and collecting DPR. On the personal team of Alexander Timofeev they under barrels of automatic machines have just brought all management to the street and have occupied rooms. Directors of a motor depot of Yenakiieve have taken away and have closed ''on the cellar'', he said. ''During personal contact with Alexander Timofeev he has directly told

: ''I just at you have wrung out business'', - Alexandrov has reported.

the Enterprise has lost buildings and constructions, control over a motor depot in Yenakiieve which vehicle fleet exceeds 100 buses and minibuses. At the enterprise the administration under control personally to Tashkent has appeared. Cumulative losses from activity of ''minister'' have made 100 million rubles of net profit in three years.

according to Alexandrov, similar cases were also with network of gas stations.

''That is have led actions of the minister to leaving from the market of many businessmen. The most interesting assets under the guise of "nationalization" have just been selected'', - he has noted.



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