Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Sport

Artem Frankov: "The soccer of Ukraine continues search of a bottom"

The editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian magazine "Futbol" Artem Frankov - it is detailed about stories with dismissal of the Brazilian coach of Lviv Zhilmar.

"Chronology of events such is. On Monday morning number of "Soccer" with the assumption was issued - Zhilmar doesn't own the PRO diploma of UEFA, isn't trained for receiving it, and therefore has no slightest right to head club even of the Ukrainian Premier League. On the same day from FFU official paper has gone to club - you have a trainer: a) without PRO diploma; b) without license which would recognize UEFA (the license which was shown by Zhilmar, the native Brazilian football confederation doesn't recognize even him, besides between UEFA and KONMEBOL there is no agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas and licenses). whether

these two events, the publication and the letter Have, some communication among themselves - without concept. Most likely, no because follows from the text of the letter - still on August 6 FC Lviv has addressed in FFU for explanations, and therefore it is the answer, but not "initsiativka". Strange, however, surprise of representatives of Lviv looks on this background. They precisely addressed? And that such masters of the address with documents work for us, such thimbleriggers! the Club has realized

and next day, on Tuesday, declared parting with Zhilmar.

Matter isn't that it has happened on the eve of the game to Shakhtar - the matter is that it is already the 4th tour. Judging by dates, doubts in club have arisen only by August, but devil take it - what for the highly professional manager was engaged in employment? It is clear, what Batista, that what at us has fairly played in Carpathians, etc., has advised, it is clear that Zhilmar for us any more not the stranger, has managed to be lit in Zaporizhia and even speaks Russian - but someone had to check his "credentials"?

And in UPL where looked at the application of club?! Originals of documents it isn't necessary to provide type?.

the Single question - why delayed FFU the answer to more than obvious question week. Byurokratizmus? I will assume that in Federation have fallen to treason too - the fault of governing body is obvious. Club club, but someone has to control appointment process of "chiefs of section of cleaning"! Not to consider the version that have specially held on to Shakhtar, having caused discord in a camp of his rival... Especially, the lightweight relation to diplomas is very characteristic of present FFU. And for UPL - and it, and carelessness on the interests of the domestic trainer's shop.

Anyway, would be desirable to clear an algorithm of verification of the documents provided by clubs, to estimate even not degree, but a share of fault of FFU, the Premier League and club with instructions of particular persons, probability of repetition of a similar clownery then very prickly brush to rake someone over the coals.

Soccer of Ukraine continues search of a bottom. "And you to the touch, mister burgomaster, to the touch..." I am afraid to present what expects us in most that is the near future. Who will train, play and direct at us still. The fugitive from ITK? Though it at all not violation,



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