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Antonov studies the project of creation of the UAV according to standards of NATO

The Antonov Company fulfills the project of creation within VTS of NATO of strategic shock pilotless aviation complex meeting standards.

As was reported by the director of programs BPAK Antonov Company Nicolai Vorobyov, the subject of pilotless complexes is one of the priority directions which are conducted the enterprise in new conditions of research and development.

As was specified by Vorobyov, besides the created Antonov Company in an initiative order within the Ukrainian defensive promkooperation ТБпАК "Turtle-dove", today the enterprise conducts works on creation, according to the technical project of the Ministry of Defence, strategic shock BPAK within VTS with a maximum take-off weight of 6 tons.

"Is very serious complex, to one Ukraine he not in power", - noticed the director of programs, having added that "in VTS option with an inozakazchik in the presence of a stock of orders - it is possible".

"Is very important that this complex is created according to NATO STANAG4671 standard and will be able to fly in civil airspace", - he noted.

As was specified by Vorobyov, according to conditions of the fulfilled cooperation, creation of the platform and engines is provided by the Ukrainian side, the foreign partner is responsible for delivery of a part of the equipment. For today the equipment for BPAK is already agreed with the foreign partner, he specified.

according to the developer, the settlement payload of new shock BPAK is 1,4 tons: the possibility of equipment of a complex, including, is provided by anti-tank and rocket and bombing arms. Design altitude of flight - 12,2 km, flight duration - 24 hours.



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