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Anton Gerashchenko about sanctions of Russia: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - it is necessary to impose the new dot sanctions directed to the economic interests of Putin

The people's deputy from "Popular front" Anton Gerashchenko suggests to impose the sanctions directed to the economic interests of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his environment. Gerashchenko was included into the list of 322 natural persons from Ukraine against whom I have imposed sanctions of the Russian Federation today.

For those Ukrainian businessmen and politicians at whom is соб a stvennost in the occupied Crimea, new sanctions of Russia will become a real problem, the people's deputy from "Popular front" Anton Gerashchenko has said on November 1 in Facebook.

"Russia has imposed sanctions against 68 legal and 322 natural persons. It is expected that my surname there is at number 54, and [the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine] Arsen Avakov at number 3. The list is made in my opinion of three groups. 1. Those political and public leaders who really fight against the Russian aggression. 2. The Ukrainian businessmen who have a property in Russia and in the territory of the occupied Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass and which is wanted to be taken away stupidly. 3. Persons who are agents of Russia in the Ukrainian policy and economy and who are wanted to be legalized thus before parliamentary elections", - Gerashchenko has written.

according to him, "for those who have no assets and need to go to the Russian Federation on private or commercial matters these sanctions are rather symbolical".

"For the same businessmen and politicians who have a property in the occupied Crimea and on Donbass - it will be a real problem. Their property will be frozen and confiscated. On the other hand, we will tell directly all who I lived and whom there is a property in the Crimea are hostages of [President of Russia Vladimir] of Putin since February, 2014. What to do to Ukraine in response to a package of the Russian sanctions? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth - it is necessary to impose the new dot sanctions directed to the economic interests of Putin, the Russian businessmen and officials from his immediate environment. It is necessary to begin with confiscation of property of those deputies and senators who voted for annexation of the Crimea in March, 2014", - the people's deputy has continued.

It has emphasized that ahead at Ukraine "for many years oppositions with Putin's regime".

"An easy victory and return of the Crimea and Donbass won't be. You want peace - be ready to war", - Gerashchenko summarized. on November 1 the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed with

the resolution on sanctions of Russia against Ukrainians. In total in the list of 68 companies and 322 natural persons. Sanctions provide blocking of assets in Russia. GORDON has published the complete list of the natural persons who have fallen under the Russian sanctions. on October 22 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed with

the decree providing imposition of sanctions in communications "with unfriendly actions of Ukraine". The head of the Kremlin has charged to the government to make lists of natural and legal entities to which special economic measures will be applied and also to define these measures.

Ukraine has imposed sanctions against natural and legal entities of Russia in 2015. As of June, 2018 in the sanction



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