Date: 7 months ago   Category: Sport

Angel of ChERVENKOV: "Everything goes according to the plan"

The head coach of Chernomorets the Angel Chervenkov commented on a strong-willed victory of the team.

- We communicated to the colleague Grozny. I told that there was very heavy game because Arsenal plays in a different way now, and to us it was very heavy.

Of course, a game very beautiful did not turn out. But was fighting. I Can tell

that in the psychological plan we managed to react correctly to some situations and, eventually, won very important victory.

U we were the moments when could hammer earlier, - it did not turn out. When we hammer - points appear. Once again I repeat

: we should strengthen team because it is visible that there is not enough class yet. Everything goes according to the plan, the management knows what should be done, we look only forward.

we Continue to give chances to young football players, they try, work in the field. The most important today that we won against.

- Tell what you before a match were afraid most of all of?

- Were afraid of injuries. Last week we lost two very important players. Didenko was traumatized, Robert Myutzers too. Plus some football players were questionable - Litovchenko, Mishchenko, Koval. They were not ready for 100 percent.

- That with Romaniuk? Where it is?

- It is in Chernomorets. Played for a double.

- whether is Included it into the list of those on whom you lay serious hopes?

- All football players of Chernomorets on the contract, but it, as well as some other football players, played for doublers.

- Clear still a situation across Yarmolenko because many rumors, conjectures, idle talks about it go.

- I know that it is treated. Only the management can give the exact, final answer. It has such trauma which I cannot discuss.



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