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Andrey Shakhov: "We are able both to play and to suffer!"

The deputy chief editor of the Futbol weekly Andrey Shakhov in the author's column on the Phrase has commented on September matches of the national team of Ukraine.

A that, very much and very much! Only the second time at Shevchenko the national team has won three victories in a row, for the first time at Shevchenko has won two official matches in three days, that is for one collecting.

Is important that the national team has won these matches differently. In the Czech Republic has shown a bright, beautiful game, I broke off the rival on counterattacks and I have given, according to many, the best match at Shevchenko trainer. With Slovaks - ability to suffer and wait, use the minimum mistake of the rival, ability to play the closed soccer. After these matches it is possible to say that Ukraine becomes the main contender for the first place in group.

Much to my regret, have practically not been involved in these matches present players of Kiev Dynamo. Tsygankov came for replacement twice, Wish-wash once has appeared in starting lineup, Sidorchuk came to an ending. At this efficiency of Dynamo members it was very high: Wish-wash I have great played in defense, Tsygankov has participated in the goal attack in the Czech Republic and has earned a penalty with Slovaks, having hardly left in the field. you won't tell

I that Shevchenko so isn't right. Yes, I consider that I Wish-wash more Krivtsov deserved to leave in the field in the Czech Republic as the Donetsk resident after the unsuccessful match for the Supercup of Ukraine was only once included in the application for a match, without having carried out seconds in the field in a match of the championship of Ukraine. And the match in Lviv has only confirmed this thought: Wish-wash I have played unmistakably whereas Krivtsov's wine in the ball which is passed from Czechs is.

A who else? Even the leader of present Dynamo Tsygankov at all the talents is still weaker than competitors - Yarmolenko and Common linnets. About the central midfielders, the failed two matches with Ajax and a game with Carpathians, and there is nothing to speak. Unfortunately, at the moment Dynamo members concede in individual skill to players of Shakhtar, but let's consider another. In the last match between Dynamo and Shakhtar won by Kiev residents 1:0 in starting lineup of Dynamo there were only three legionaries, at Shakhtar - five. to

Average age of players of Dynamo was 25,4 years, Shakhtar - 28,4. In starting lineup of Shakhtar there was only one player who wasn't 24 years old, Kiev residents have four, and all of them are Ukrainians (Wish-wash, Shepelev, Tsygankov, Besedin). In Kiev there are young, perspective players around whom it is possible to construct quite good team, and not accidentally the frame of youth team of Ukraine is made by pupils of recreation center. And if Alexander Khatskevich remains at a wheel of Dynamo, I very much want that at him Dinamo youth continued to progress that it enjoyed confidence of the trainer. For the sake of future victories of club and the national team.

A the present national team has deserved the highest point. Children really good fellows and with that great anticipation we will wait for the next appointment with the national team - in October when ours have to play a friendly match in Italy and to accept the Czech Republic.




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