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And you know what is done by lionesses with husbands who don't carry out matrimonial duties?

And who here "king of beasts"?

It reminds some remote episode from an animated cartoon "The Lion King", but actually this quite terrible incident: the group of lionesses furiously attacked a male of the pride with intention to bite to death him to death. All this has occurred in the face of the shocked tourists in the British safari park, LADbible reports.

Actually, all event quite is entered in the scenario of Disney's classics. The lion is, certainly, Mufasa, jealous lionesses are a pack of Scars, and the bird rhinoceros role Zaza is played by the employees of the park trying to save a male.

And looks all this pretty creepy.

Terrible shots on which powerful beasts jump on a male and stick into him teeth, have been photographed in the safari park West Midlands.

the Drama was photographed by the amateur photographer Mia Beverstok (19).

She rode on the park with parents when she has suddenly noticed the group of lionesses which has surrounded a lion.

In the pictures taken by Mia is visible how the lion roars from pain when nine females stick into him the sharp teeth and claws.

Inspectors have quickly arrived to the place and have interfered with a fight with fire extinguishers.

Isn't clear why animals have so behaved, but cases when wild females killed an aged male if considered that he isn't able to govern a pride any more are known. Mia tells

: "I have decided to go to the safari park with mother and the father to take a picture of lions.

We sat in the car a couple of minutes as we have suddenly noticed that on a stone two lions sit and growl on someone below. We have slightly passed forward and have seen lionesses who have surrounded a male. Suddenly all of them have at once attacked on him.

They bit it for hinder legs and a neck, pressed it to the earth, it looked awfully, and on his eyes it is visible - he thought that to him the end.

In a moment from where don't undertake have appeared jeeps and have surrounded lionesses. In total there were three cars, one loudly signaled, and another sprayed foam from the fire extinguisher". Really, not every day you will see it!

Nikita Skorobogatov.




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