Date: 7 months ago   Category: Politics

"And Poroshenko toothless!"

Petro Poroshenko on public will repeat mantras about "war with the country aggressor", and in practice the president-oligarch willingly continues to do business with the Russian companies.

About it on air of Nash TV channel was told by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vitaly Kupry, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

"Why now such handshakes with Putin at leaders of the European countries why nobody said that we have a war, and all discussions of the UN were transferred to the fact that it is our internal problems?

Because we have such toothless president. This person - the patriot of own pocket who is not engaged in protection of the country and only and lies from screens of TVs about what he is a defender of the country.

In March the people who are brought closer to the president Poroshenko invested about 100 million dollars in the Russian Federation, they took shares of the Burger King company at VTB bank. Tell how it is possible, being at war with the country aggressor, to help it money?

Why blossoms the Russian capital in the territory of Ukraine now, and in regional power in owners still there are Russians? We see how the Nikolaev alumina refinery does raw materials for Russian aluminum, for RUSAL. Behind the Lipetsk factory a lot what is, trade prospers. Tell

if Russia just enjoys such state if we do not impose sanctions, America enters, and we do not enter, what does it mean? That it is favorable to Ukraine, and the whole world looks at it and says: "You are not defined that you will do", - the deputy addressed the audience.




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