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Anatoly Wasserman: Odessa - the main port of Russia. Ukrainstvo is a separatism

Russia needs Odessa. Odessa can't without Russia. About Odessa and Russia as about uniform economical and political space, with the Political Navigator's observer Valentin Filippov the cleverest of inhabitants of Odessa Anatoly Wasserman spoke.

Valentin Filippov: Anatoly, hello!

Anatoly Wasserman: Hello.

Valentin Filippov: I have to you a question, as at the Russian to the Russian. Tell and why we need this Odessa which "has incorrectly risen"? Also tell how the inhabitant of Odessa to the inhabitant of Odessa and why to us this Russia which "has incorrectly helped"?

Anatoly Wasserman: These are two parties of the same question.

Odessa was initially created as the main export port of the country. By the way, at a boundary of the nineteenth or twentieth of centuries, Odessa was on the population the country's fourth city. After St. Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. And a good few of the Russian export of grain, then it was our main export product, went through Odessa.

By the way, over an entrance to the trade Passage from Deribasovskaya on the top is represented god of trade Mercury astride the engine. Because when the railroad has reached Odessa, the volume of export has sharply increased, and in Odessa there was so much money that could construct this Passage.

Valentin Filippov: And have sold cheap it, by the way, then.

Anatoly Wasserman: Yes. By the way, in connection with the railroad it was necessary to build the new grain exchange where now Philharmonic hall. In the main hall which is specially built with acoustics, worst in the city.

I Russia in general, and the Russian Federation in particular, needs Odessa, as one of the main trade ports. we Have

also Ilyichevsk port to which the Kiev terrorists have temporarily appropriated the name taken from Ilf and Petrov - Chernomorsk. It was constructed because with development of the country of old Odessa port wasn't enough any more.

Is the port of Yuzhny. With the port plant where processed the ammonia going even from Togliatti.

Valentin Filippov: Through Horlivka.

Anatoly Wasserman: Yes. Already there are no those deliveries. The plant was tried to be sold several times. Nobody buys.

Well, and is a little from personal experience. I worked in all-union scientific production association Pishchepromavtomatika. And with disintegration of the Union orders have ceased to be enough for it elementary. And in several years I had to leave programmers, - because this business didn't feed any more.

Or other example. In Odessa there is an oil terminal for filling of tankers. By the way, several times independent figures threatened to switch the Odessa Fords oil pipeline to the opposite direction. Absolutely at the same time without knowing that oil from Odessa was delivered generally to other countries of the Black Sea basin.

Export of oil through Bosphorus - business quite difficult. As it is dangerous freight, and dangerous freights through Bosphorus pass very reluctantly. In both directions pass very reluctantly. Therefore the countries of the Black Sea basin from the outside, from the Mediterranean Sea, oil about



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