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Anastasia MERKUSHINA: "It is not result, but only prerequisites yet"

About three white dogs, and, of course, a bronze medal in sprint mixed relay at the World Cup stage in Pokljuka the Ukrainian biathlonist told a mother's prayer, porridge from the furnace in an interview of "SE".

Bronze the Ukrainian national team opened the World Cup-2018/19. Anastasia Merkushina and Artem Tyshchenko, having shown the best firing among 25 teams, only one additional cartridge on eight firing lines, conceded only to Norway and Austria.

- it is only possible to dream Of such beginning of a season, or, maybe, will tell that you counted on a medal? I understand that prior to competitions it is aloud not accepted to speak about similar things, but after that it is already possible.

- Frankly speaking, was some easy presentiment. Or I can it is just so sure of Artem, and he of me. Mentally we were ready to help to win a medal each other. And here still the father of three white dogs the day before saw (Smiles).

For us it already as the sign if we meet before a race someone similar to our favourite Dan, appears, everything will develop perfectly!

- In general we morally prepared for it. - the father and the sportswoman's trainer Oleg Merkushin adds. - Discussing the forthcoming race with Yurayem Sanitroy and Tyshchenko, we assumed that it is possible. Though, of course, it was also heavy to believe in it.

- Nastya, I will risk to assume that considering achievements in single mixed relay, your with Artem, at stages of the Cup of IBU-2016 (Arber's gold and Wal-Ridanna), the decision of coaching staff to declare your tandem in this type of the program in Pokljuka, did not become a surprise?

- For in a skating rink we asked trainers to report at least a preliminary deal on the first stage in Pokljuka. Andrey Viktorovich Prokunin asked, want to run a single микст? Probably, on summer "world" it, having looked at the speed of my firing, made certain calculations. We answered that we not proud that you will give, will run. And already, when it became absolutely known that in single mixed relay from women's team I will start, seeing Yuray Sanitr as Artem works at trainings, and understanding that he one of the best shooters in men's team, chose it to me in workmates.

- In what a secret of success of your tandem?

is already our third medal, before there were two gold on Cups of IBU and now World Cup bronze in Pokljuka. I tried to run a single-mikst with other Artem (Pryma - the Comment. Ampere-second.), not really it turned out. At Artem (Tyshchenko - the Comment. Ampere-second.) too without me somehow it does not develop. (Smiles). Actually, I think, matter in trust here. Artem trusts me, and I am sure that if I have zero, then and it will close all targets. Plus responsibility is before each other felt. After all we for a long time train together - from youthful age when Nikolay Nikolaevich Zots worked with us. I usually won duel firing among girls. Artem was the best among children. And as a result we often met with him in the final and fought to the death.

- And who won?

is Every time of a time



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