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Alsou could fall a victim of the serial maniac: the star was pursued by the delusioned

Alsou nearly fell a victim of the serial maniac.

Millions of people dream of popularity worldwide. Life in the light of spotlights seems the fairy tale, stars can brag of the big fees and constant tours. Very few people think that the excessive attention of public brings to actors discomfort, especially, so far as concerns inadequate fans. In particular, Alsou was necessary hardly because of one fan.

Kiev resident Yury Latenko for several months pursued the singer Alsou and threatened her relatives. Everything began with innocent letters to which actors got used long ago. The admirer made a declaration of love to a star and demanded a meeting. Here only Yury did not receive the answer to the messages.

Then Latenko started active actions. He began to publish in Network of the message that Alsou's marriage with the businessman Jan Abramov is a fiction. The man assured people around that the actress never gave birth, and she skillfully imitated two pregnancies. It appeared to this fan insufficiently: he appointed the wedding with the famous singer to July 18, 2008.

Yury threatened Alsou's relatives who could follow their ways of "family happiness". Then close the star had to address to law enforcement agencies. Latenko was allegedly invited to shooting of the show "Let Speak", but already at an entrance to hotel of the criminal arrested. Later police officers claimed that the admirer of the actress behaves inadequately, and doctors suspect at him paranoid schizophrenia.

B Latenko in a short interview explained to 2012 that dreams of a marriage on Alsou remained in the past, and now he develops the engine for the flying ship. The singer's admirer regularly underwent psychiatric inspections in Kiev, continuing to live together with mother.




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