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Alonso: On Saturday we will be more competitive

At the first training the wheel of one of cars of McLaren was taken by Lando Norris, having replaced Fernando Alonso - the team has given him the chance to get acquainted with the Brazilian route and also British participated in selection of optimum settings. In the second session the work begun by Norris was continued by Alonso. Stoffel Vandorn in both sessions had small technical problems because of which he had to interrupt the program slightly earlier, and the team still finds out their reasons.

of Fernando Alonso (13th): "Friday has developed positively. I have missed the first training and worked only with one composition of rubber, but we after all could collect all necessary information and carry out all inspections as the second session has taken place normally and has been only once interrupted with red flags.

everything should be analysed Now, but I hope that on Saturday we will be more competitive. As always on this route one or two tenth can mean five-six positions therefore we need to find optimum settings then it is ideal to carry out qualification. There is a lot of work, but I am quite sure that we will cope".

Stoffel Vandorn (17th): "You won't designate this Friday ideal, we had difficulties in both sessions because of what day had to be finished slightly earlier, and we worked at the route less, than it would be desirable.

during the first training we have executed the extensive program of tests with a view to the next year that doesn't promote preparation for this week-end, but so sometimes happens.

I Hope, tomorrow we with everything will understand and will be engaged in preparation really. Results on this route always very dense therefore it is important to squeeze out of the car everything, to the last the tenth. We expect to make it on Saturday during qualification. there is no

With weather on Sunday full clarity yet - hope, it to us only on a hand. If conditions are difficult, and rubber degradation - intensive then a quite good opportunity can always be presented to us".

Lando Norris (the 16th in the first session): "Today day was definitely more productive, than during my previous visit to Interlagos! It is the route, new to me, and I have tried to find here the rhythm I managed that quickly enough. I have carried out all tests necessary both for me, and for team and also worked starts so the session has taken place well.

during the second training I was in boxes of team and have tried to obtain as much as possible information. I not just looked, listened to negotiations of engineers with racers and studied telemetry - there occurred much interesting what very few people know about.

to Me is pleasant to work with telemetry to understand at whom that it turns out and that - no and to compare it to my results. Though conditions on the route have a little changed, and we worked with other rubber, it was all the same possible to carry out some comparisons. Any information is useful to me.

I one training can teach much even if at the end of the first session I didn't manage to make everything that I wanted - for example, a poprobova



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