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All shout around:? fascism?? fascists?... But what does it mean actually?

Explains to Madeleine Albright.

of Madeleine Albright was the first female Secretary of State in the history of the USA from 1997 to 2001. Born in Prague (Czechoslovakia), young "Maria Yang" has been taken out to Britain during World War II where her family escaped from Nazis. When war has ended, the family has returned to Czechoslovakia, but has soon been forced to run to America, escaping from communists.

Brought up by the Catholic, Albright has learned what comes from the Jewish family and that her many relatives have died in Nazi concentration camps, only in 59 years, after careful investigation.

her personal history parallel to gloomy currents of policy of the 20th century puts it in unique position, allowing to distinguish and criticize the anti-liberal tendencies in modern political climate.

Recently Albright has published the book "Fascism: Prevention".

of The Economist publishes an interview with Madeleine Albright and excerpts from this book.

of The Economist: What is fascism?

of Madeleine Albright: Concerning definition of this term there is no consensus therefore it is applied without discrimination. In my book the fascism means not the left, right or centrist ideology, and approach to capture and consolidation of the power by one person or party which allegedly act on behalf of the people or some group.

to correspond to this label, politicians have to be ready to apply violence and any necessary means for the sake of achievement of the purposes. The fascism is deeply antidemocratic though the fascist government can quite come to the power during democratic process.

of The Economist: Whether we will apply the term of the middle of the 20th century to today's not liberal policy? Perhaps, our political crisis is aggravated with the fact that we have no suitable term for the description of the events? Or "fascism" still is good?

except for North Korea, I don't accuse any of the present governments of fascism. However I see frightening parallels between the current trends and conditions which have generated Mussolini, and then - Hitler. This economic inequality, loss of trust by the main political parties, degradation of public discussions, discredit of minorities and joint efforts of authoritative governors to undermine freedom of expression, to pervert logic and to distort the truth.

Perhaps, to see all this and to speak about possible return of fascism - excessive alarmism, but a subtitle of my book - "Prevention" - it is chosen not accidentally. My generation has lost millions of people because during that era similar signals have been ignored.

of The Economist: Proceeding from your experience of the child who has found tyranny, the specialist in studying of authoritarian regimes and the diplomat communicating with odious leaders how it is possible to resist to fascism - not only to politicians, but also crowds of their followers?

is Kind of sentimental it sounded, but the best answer of a lie is the truth, and the best answer of hatred is stronger love. During the Velvet Revolution Václav Havel of ska



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