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All live smothers: Dnieper is threatened by terrible environmental disaster

Dnieper River is threatened by environmental disaster as the water surface has become covered tsianobakteryam - blue-green seaweed which can kill fishes and do harm to people.

So transfers TSN, seaweed which exhaust oxygen from water emit toxins. This film smothers fishes, and causes burns and an allergy in the person.

"All this because of hit in him [Dnieper] of a large amount of phosphates. From where do they undertake there? The first is actually all car washes of Kiev, and them more than 2,5 thousand. Plus, all our washing machines, having made a running cycle, "have spat out" in the sewerage", - the head of Association of fishermen has explained, having noted that blue-green seaweed it is visible not every day.

In Management of water resources which experts have taken samples from the river for the analysis, claim that with water everything is all right. The spectrometer has shown 28 100-th milligrams of phosphates on liter that is lower than norm.

"Somewhere can some landlocked water was. Some creek can. There these blue-green seaweed breed quickly. But now in Dnieper water on phosphates normal. It now not really blossoms, is safe for bathing", - the expert assures.

In the Center of public health care have told that 2018 - not most phosphatic not year in the history of Dnieper, however the problem is. "We try to prove to our power that phosphates need to be forbidden", - the representative of the organization has told.

Is noted that Ukraine has equated technical requirements to detergents to European five years ago, but producers ignore them. Wanted to strengthen control new laws which the parliament hasn't adopted therefore the ministry of ecology has actually shifted a problem to conscious citizens. "We can't forbid

phosphorus use in general. It is necessary to inform citizens on what consequences use of such products with the content of phosphorus has", - say in the ministry.



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