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Alcohol and intim: main pluses and minuses of their combination

"Relations" between alcohol and sex quite strange. Alcohol can help to be liberated and show sexual activity, and can draw a trouble. Here main consequences of their communication.


1. Alcohol It removes the bans
does not raise libido per se, but helps to cope with uneasiness and to overcome obstacles which prevented sex. Experiences about a figure or about whether it will turn out to deliver to the partner an orgasm, can quite often be removed in couple of glasses of wine. Alcohol simplifies communication and creates a fighting spirit: nothing bad happens.

2. Alcohol helps to focus on real

One of the main factors reducing desire - a stress. Alcohol reduces activity of neurons, and with it and concern level. And good sex demands full derivation from problems and the infinite list of affairs.

3. Raises a love to the partner
of the Research show that people after binge consider others more attractive. Of course, both duration of the relations, and mood, and communication influence, but in general "picture" becomes better.

4. Strengthens desire to become closer than

Alcohol influences the prefrontal cortex of a brain which is responsible for emotions. It allows to become more sociable and to discuss, for example, the arisen feelings. If there is a wish to learn how it actually concerns you, drink a little wine. But in high doses alcohol has boomerang effect.


1. Some people cannot drink

Someone is inclined to alcoholism, and someone takes the medicine not compatible to alcohol. So the positive effect can be not reached but only to spoil evening.

2. The consent and condemnation
Alcohol can become the reason of unnecessary "feats" like the unprotected sex or the embodiment of imaginations which are not pleasant to you. There are troubles worse which could be avoided, do not slow down alcohol the main reactions.

3. High doses of alcohol lead bad sex
to sexual dysfunction at men and to decrease in amount of lubricant at women.

4. Separation from the partner
After a large number of alcohol instead of concentration on the moment it is possible to receive full discharge from everything.



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