Date: 2 months ago   Category: Sport

Ajax holds leadership, but loses Frankie de Jong

From Cristiano Ronaldo to Dennis Eckert - small transition at Ajax. Between two epic matches of the Champions League with Juventus, Amsterdamers successfully understood the championship of the Netherlands with Ekselsior - 6:2. The large victory will keep leadership of Ajax in Eredeviziye even in case of a victory of PSV thanks to much best difference of balls.

the Task of Ajax was clear, as well as difficult: a victory, it is desirable with a big difference, but it is even more important without injuries, three days before the return game with Juventus. With the first part Eric's team тен Haga successfully coped, with the second - No. Frankie de Jong "uncontrollable" in the first match with Yuva, left the field in the 28th minute. The midfielder grabbed a back part of a hip that can indicate an injury of a popliteal sinew.

De Jong was also preventively replaced last week in a duel with William II. And zabivaly at Ajax skilled Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who left in starting lineup became main and as a result issued a hat trick, a double on Dusan Tadic's account.

In opposition for the third place which will allow the representative of the Netherlands to come in qualification of the Europa League, it seems, AZ finally was given to Feyenoord. Three victories of rotterdamets against three matches without victory at alkmaarovets and Giovanny van Bronckhorst's team already came off on four points. 2018-19, Championship of the Netherlands Game day: 2019-04-13

of "AZ" - "Deng Haag" of 2:3 (0:1)

Goals: Falkenburg, 33 (0:1); Falkenburg, 47 (0:2); Gudmundsson A., 85 (1:2); Gudmundsson A., 90 (2:2); Becker, 90 (2:3)

Feyenoord - Heracles of 2:1 (1:0)

Goals: Бергхейс, 33 (1:0); Peterson K., 48 (1:1); Бергхейс, 82 (penalties) (2:1)

of Prevention: Jorgensen N., 65

"Fate" - Venlo of 1:1 (1:0)

Goals: Novakovich A., 11 (1:0); The Grotto, 81 (1:1)

Ajax - Ekselsior of 6:2 (3:1)

Goals: Huntelaar, 11 (1:0); Tadic of Du., 37 (2:0); Huntelaar, 40 (3:0); El-Jamdaui, 42 (3:1); Tadic of Du., 60 (penalties) (4:1); Huntelaar, 65 (5:1); Dolberg, 76 (6:1); Fortesh D., 90 (6:2)



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