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Against Gülen's movement in Ukraine have connected the international mafia

The code-bound criminal 46-year-old Nadir Salifov by nickname Lota Guli has decided to thank the president of Turkey Recep Erdogan for the hospitality shown him in Turkey.

of Guli has said that it declares war to the main enemy of the Turkish president to the philosopher and the theologian Fethullah Gülen and his supporters, reports Asia TV channel.

The matter is that Russia through the Interpol has put Guli on the international wanted list. However Salifov absolutely openly lives on the country house near Istanbul, and the Turkish authorities refuse to fulfill requirements of the Interpol. To strengthen the position in Turkey, Guli "I have declared about the beginning wars with gyulenist and his supporters both in Turkey, and in Russia, Ukraine, the countries of Central Asia and in all former Soviet Union".

Experts consider that thus the criminal leader Guli has shown the political ambitions. Salifov has decided to be legalized and enter into political elite of Turkey.

Resort to threats not only foreign, but also local Turkish mafiosi.

Blood will begin to flow a stream
So the authority of underworld of Turkey Sedat Peker in the city of Rize has intimidated opposition has told that blood of objectionable will begin to flow a stream on streets. Many criminals ask

that they were released from prison to reduce scores with Fethullah Gülen and his supporters.

All supporters of the movement Gülen will be buried in the countries where live

One of leaders of Alaattin Chakydzhy mafia who is in prison for organized crime has written the letter to the former Minister of Justice of Turkey Bekir Bozdag in whom writes about intention to liquidate Gülen and all who sympathize with Gülen's movement. Chakydzhy, writes in the letter that he if necessary can promote that all supporters of the movement Gülen have been buried in the countries where they are.



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