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After the 2-hour trip in a car seat my daughter has ceased to breathe

I want that this history knew all>

After her baby has nearly died during the ordinary trip in the car, the journalist from Scotland wants to warn all parents, Mirror writes. Kirsty Clark (28) and her husband Christopher Clark (29) have spent by

the whole day on April 4 with daughters. Every time when they came into shop, they pulled out three-week Harper from a children's seat.

Because of traffic jams their way home was quite long, but parents haven't attached it any significance. However when they have got the baby from the car and have brought home, have found out that at her lips have turned blue, her jaws have been strong squeezed, and from a mouth and a nose there was a foam.

Parents have immediately gone to hospital. To hospital only five minutes of driving, but Kirsty admitted that the road has seemed her eternity. She has been sure that she will lose the younger daughter.

Fortunately, to doctors was succeeded to pump out Harper which had had an attack. the Doctor has told

to parents that he, appears, it is impossible to leave kids in a car seat longer than hour - it leads to oxygen starvation.

Kirsty and Christopher at first were shocked. They also couldn't assume that so short time in a car seat can have so terrible consequences!

of Kirsty says: "When the doctor has told what has put in a car seat, I at first couldn't believe. I have thought: is that so. I didn't understand why we never about it were told.

Is natural, we knew that it is impossible to leave the kid in a car seat for the night because it leads to a backbone curvature, but it was for us news.

When my starshenky was small, we went to relatives to Cornwall - it is a four-hour trip, and with her everything was as it should be. Now we with Christopher want to tell

to all parents about the incident with Harper that they knew. Only two hours in a car seat - and we could lose her. It is awful!

Ya would like to urge all parents to watch closely kids and not to put them in a car seat when in it there is no need. Believe, it doesn't cost what we had to endure.

you Watch the kid, pay attention to him. If it seems to you that something not so, at once carry him to hospital". In 2016 the charitable organization Lullaby Trust by means of the simulator of the movement has conducted a research of influence of long stay in a car seat on the child.

Researchers have come to a conclusion: "Simulation of the movement causes the sharp growth of oxygen insufficiency". Scientists confirm: concentration of oxygen in blood at babies decreases at long use of a car seat. So Kirsty is right when she urges to use him as seldom as possible! all parents have to know

About it!

Victor Sibibel.



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