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Adult girl: Saoirse Ronan about native Ireland, family and popularity

In 10 years the actress Saoirse Ronan has passed a way from the difficult teenager in "Temptation" to the queen in "Maria - the queen of Scotland", inventing herself anew with each role.

Text: Sully Rooney
at the beginning of the interview Saoirse Ronan remembers that she felt after the end of the first shooting 15 years ago: "Several weeks I didn't leave a condition of melancholy, - the actress tells. - Because has suddenly understood: it will never repeat. The company of the people who have gathered on the platform and become each other the family has broken up forever. And the film crew isn't fated to gather in this structure any more. Never". It was talked of the Irish series "Clinic" in which Ronan acted in 9 years.

Now to it 24, we walk on the small Irish town in the neighborhood of Dublin where there live Saoirse's parents. "Ireland is less than England what I also love her for. - She shows on the sea and the coast which is running away for the horizon. - I lacked it". Some time the actress lived in Dublin, but has grown up in the county of Carlow, in the southeast of Ireland, in the village. "Here I feel at home, - she when we go to the embankment says. - Though London is pleasant to me, - she adds. - There it is possible to be dissolved in a flow of people".

But not here. The passerby stops us and asks me to photograph him with Ronan. It is surprising that she was recognized: Saoirse's face is hidden by sunglasses, and she seems much less, than on the screen. When we sit down on a bench overlooking the sea, she admits: "Still I am surprised when someone recognizes me. I, however, don't consider myself well-known. - She does a pause. - Here Selena Gómez - a celebrity".

On the street shines a bright sun. Ireland has stiffened waiting for a referendum on legalization of abortions - the city is covered with gloomy posters with images of embryos. Ronan this subject isn't alien: she has acted in social advertizing in support of a campaign for protection of the reproductive rights. Whether she was afraid to face negative reaction? "For myself I have decided that it doesn't matter, - Saoirse says. - I am personally familiar with people who had to go to other country to make abortion therefore I couldn't be silent more".

B 13 for the first time nominated Saoirse for "Oscar" - for amazingly adult game in the drama by Joe Wright "Atonement" based on the novel Ian McEwan. In 2015 she has played a leading role in the movie by John Krauli Brooklyn on the novel by Colm Toibin - and again the nomination on "Oscar", and the role in the tragicomedy "Lady Byrd" by Greta Gerwig has brought her this year "Golden Globe". And let for this role she hasn't got "Oscar", her light pink Calvin Klein sheath dress that evening has created a furor. (Together with Lupita Nyong'o Saoirse is a person of Women perfume, the first aroma Rafa of Simmons for fashion house.)

her latest works - a role of the young bride in the drama Dominica Cook "Ashore" (one more screen version by McEwan) and Nina Zarechnaya in the Seagulls film version. "The good scenario is the main thing", - Saoirse says. Such - at the heart of the historical drama by the director Jozie Rourke "Maria is queen Sh



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