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Accident near Kharkiv. The car has scattered on a part (photo)

On Blagoveshchenskaya Street, 3, the VAZ and Daewoo have collided. According to management of patrol force in the Kharkiv region, an incident has occurred on September 10 around 11:30.

as a result of road accident have suffered both drivers. They from the scene were taken away by the ambulance car.

A at the intersection of streets of the Academician Pavlov and Valentinovskoy has got into accident the car of collectors. In road accident the teenage girl who went on a back seat of the car has suffered.

On Gagarin Avenue, 92, the BMW 316 car has rammed a fence. As law enforcement authorities have noted, an incident has occurred on September 9 around 20:50.

"According to preliminary data, the driver of the foreign car hasn't managed to drive and has taken off after the journey. As a result of road accident nobody has suffered. On the violator the administrative protocol according to Art. 124 КУоАП is made", - have told in the press service of management of patrol force in the Kharkiv region.

One more accident has happened around 21:40 on Moskovsky Avenue, 96. There haven't divided the road of VAZ-21083 and Volkswagen Passat.

according to police officers, the driver of the VAZ hasn't sustained a distance and "has caught up" with the foreign car. On the violator the administrative protocol according to Art. 124
Besides, around 09:30 on Okruzhnaya Road the Iveco car is made I have demolished Hyundai ix 35. The driver of the car has as a result suffered.

of the Photo: social networks.



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