Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

About the strategy of success of the Ukrainian economy

Investments are a strategic basis of growth of economy... Both internal and external.

B too time taking into account heritage of the USSR and permanent crises, we obviously began to lag behind in technologies.

Is natural, internal business understands it, and tries to import technologies. In too time it negatively influences the balance of payments of the country.

Respectively a strategic task is a question of import of technologies from abroad in the form of foreign investments. It allows to make use of international technological experience and to minimize use of money on it within the country.

needs to be understood that attraction of foreign investments obviously demands search of mutually advantageous interests with the main geopolitical players, and system work on formation of a pool of subjects to investments.

is obvious To me that China now number 1 in construction of roads and modern infrastructure. Also he is interested in creation of transport ways to Europe. Including through Ukraine.

is obvious To me that America now number 1 in modern means of mining... First of all oil and gas. Ukraine needs power independence. Therefore delivery of permissions to production to the American companies has helped how to diversify the local market of energy resources and would attract new technologies in production.

the Question of the earth and investments into the earth opened, but is sure both the German and Arab and Chinese and American companies 11 million hectares state could be interested in purchase / to long-term rent of lands, especially. The weighed policy with restrictive conditions could attract investments from the different countries into the earth and its processing, having allowed to increase and diversify, including, with bigger extent of processing our agricultural export.

Well and of course, depends on us creation of conditions for business in general that other investors wanted to create in our territory representations and production sites. But it already our relation to tax policy and budget.

Is obvious, taking into account the current increased risks, we have to provide the best tax conditions for internal and external investors. I see this way in the shift of taxes on production towards consumption and minimization of tax burden of economy.

the Road will master going. Mutually advantageous partnership and new tax system - our way to success.



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