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"A-BANK" almost bankrupt: if to hurry, it is possible still to manage to take away the money, - media

To be going to declare A-Bank bankruptcy. Sources in Fonda of guaranteeing deposits report about it. Among the reasons of a deplorable condition of financial institution - investors have taken out from him all money, Open Ukraine notes.

For the last half a year of A-Bank which belongs to the Ukrainian businessmen to brothers Igor and Grigory Surkisam and also other their relatives has very strongly grown poor.

In the market say that Surkisa have already taken out all money from bank, and will be stated bankruptcy on the eve of New year.

have already confirmed Truthfulness of this information (as anonymity) in Fund of guaranteeing deposits. There now decide how to do right thing to involve owners for artificially created crisis, note in the edition.

Meanwhile, data on what remained to "A-bank" not for long eloquently confirm the public ratings of stability of the Ukrainian banks.

according to the rating of the NBU for the third quarter 2018, A-Bank doesn't enter in TOP-25 steady banks of the country any more. Also he isn't in lists "reliable" for natural and legal entities. It is possible to get acquainted with the specified ratings according to the reference.

Besides, don't trust "A-bank" insurance companies any more and in him deposits MTSBU aren't placed long ago.

In parallel, at bank have already begun problems with clients. Borrowers say that A-Bank revises credit contracts, without informing them, changes conditions of repayment of the credits and then "SMS-terorizmom" with the requirement to urgently pay loans on the overestimated percent is engaged.

One word a situation - is sad. Therefore if you in "A-bank" have deposits if hurry up, still can save the money!



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