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A variety of bandages for rehabilitation and prevention

To facilitate a state during the postoperative, post-traumatic period, and in complex treatment with other methods apply bandages to prevention. Data of adaptation from elastic materials, depending on model, complemented with metal edges, pilots, couplers, plastic plates and other elements. A bandage on a wrist, a knee, an ankle, an elbow, a finger and a luchezapyastny joint prevent traumatism, provide fixing, a partial immobilization for the speedy recovery of the injured extremity. Medical elastic belts help bodies of a small pelvis and abdominal cavity, interfering with their omission, protrusion and an excessive muscle strain, in particular at pregnancy.

Bandages for a back
of Model differ with degree of rigidity and are used for support of muscles, a spine column, unloading the problem site and prevention of shift of vertebras, intervertebral disks. For the best fixing and support in the majority of models plastic or metal inserts (2-6 pieces) are provided. The following types of bandages are offered: products part with

1.Grudo-poyasnichnye which have stiffening ribs in all height of a back shoulders, help to distribute evenly loading and provide to a backbone anatomic the correct situation;

2. Lumbar - often have inserts from hair of animals (dog, sheep, camel, etc.) for ensuring the warming effect;

3. Lumbar and sacral, is wider, than belts for a waist, are required at diseases and injuries in the lower department of a backbone.

For correction of a backbone at scoliosis and other deformations, are used special bandages-reklinatory. Their carrying forces muscles and a spine column to get used to the correct situation.

Bandages at pregnancy and postoperative

during pregnancy occurs stretching of a belly wall. Because of the increasing body weight load of lumbar department of a backbone in which there is pain amplifies. The prenatal bandage will come to the rescue. They are in the form of a belt, pants and universal model which will also be suitable after the delivery for acceleration of reduction of a uterus, muscles and improvement of a tone of skin.

Postoperative bandages reduce the healing period, reduce a pain syndrome, prevent developing of postoperative hernia. The soft insert in the field of a postoperative seam is provided in these models. For their application consultation of the doctor is obligatory.

Bandages at hernia and omission of internals
the Gryzhevy bandage - adaptation with a special insert - the pilot at the expense of whom protrusion of internals through hernial gate isn't allowed. The umbilical, inguinal, femoral bandages selected depending on localization of hernia are issued. Special models of bandages for women interfere with omission of a uterus and other bodies of a small pelvis.

Bandages for the lower extremities
More often than other sites of extremities suffers a knee. It is caused excessive a feather



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