Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Incidents

A secret of two tons of cocaine of United Russia in Belgium is revealed

The consignment of drugs has been delivered to 100 million euros from Brazil, but where it went - it is unknown.

In Belgium in the port of Ghent the police has detained a huge consignment of cocaine. Law enforcement authorities have found about two tons of drugs which total cost is estimated at 100 million euros.

Kokain has been placed in containers with tile freight from Brazil. Drugs have been packed into exactly 1 900 bags. The prosecutor's office of Belgium has already brought criminal case and has begun search of drug dealers, customers and sellers.

However the main news became not the detained cocaine, and the fact that in all packings with drugs there was a logo of the Russian political party "United Russia". The videos and photos confirming this fact have been published by the Belgian media.

the Exact reason of existence on packings with cocaine of a logo of party of Putin United Russia is meanwhile unknown.

Should noting that also the unknown has the country where cocaine has been sent.

Against the background of the found consignment of cocaine with a logo of the pariah of Putin United Russia the Russian experts in policy on social networks say that it is provocation which, in turn, can lead to very serious consequences.

For example, the writer Armen Gasparyan satirically notes: "Who will buy cocaine without logo United Russia. Other popular bloggers on Twitter say that cocaine went to Russia and belongs to the largest oligarchs who, in particular, are also drug dealers. Many users for fun say that loss of the party leader United Russia Dmitry Medvedev is connected with the detained consignment of cocaine.

However a secret has been revealed recently. It has turned out that actually the largest drug cartels always use the known brands for marking. For example, earlier law enforcement authorities detained cocaine with a logo of Nike, Coca-Cola, the Olympic Games of 2016 and even Futbol Club Barcelona. According to users of Network, the logo United Russia became a popular brand though such glory of course will negatively affect all Russia.




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