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A decent salary is how many? The famous Ukrainians called the sums

Agree, few people in Ukraine can tell with pride that they earn enough and receive a decent salary for the work, the Express newspaper writes. What has to be the optimum size?

Igor Kondratyuk, producer:

- my sum - at least 500 dollars (it is slightly more than 12 thousand hryvnias). This salary will be enough for utilities, necessary clothes, food and, maybe, for rest of times a year, but in Ukraine. And here with the present minimum wage it is really possible to live unless one or two weeks. And to live on such money the whole month is, as on me, something fantastic.

Irena of Karp, the writer, the first secretary concerning the culture of Embassy of Ukraine in France:

- I Think, the citizen of Ukraine has to earn at least 30 thousand hryvnias. In Ukraine there are a lot of products - isn't cheaper European, and happens, as is more expensive. Therefore for this sum, at least it is normally possible to live. And still it is important to update the clothes - it too. If there are children, then even such sum can be insufficiently for satisfaction of all requirements. For the minimum wage 3723 hryvnias to survive it is unreal! Unless someone a magic tablecloth, but I don't know such people.

Irma Vitovskaya, actress, producer, public figure:

- People in our country have to receive at least 10 thousand hryvnias a month. And average earnings have to make 30 - 40 thousand. This money has to be enough for the person for utilities, the normal balanced food, drugs, clothes, rest and for savings. When we get rid of corruption, and the state to encourage small and medium business, then we will manage to reach such and highest salaries for all citizens.

Sashko Lirnik, actor, TV host, storyteller:

- to survive in Ukraine, it is necessary to earn not less than 15 thousand hryvnias a month. It is that sum which will allow to provide a worthy diet, but not to save on healthy food, and won't allow to get into debt for utilities.

Svetlana Volnova, woman of fashion, TV host, actress:

- the salary Size in a month has to be about 1000 dollars. It that and was enough for utilities, and for normal food, also for a coffee cup at restaurant daily. Ukrainians are worthy the best salary, than present minimum.

of KISHE (Andrey Svirsky), singer, showman:

- I Consider that the size of salary has to be not less than 18 thousand hryvnias. It so that it was possible to live adequately and to postpone for rest abroad. It is sad that many people have no opportunity even to buy new clothes every year. And it turns out: a pair of shoes - for five years, a jacket - a minimum on three. Let officials so live!



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