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Be afraid of her anger! Grant

, one of the most important bodies of our organism - a pancreas. Until she declares", nobody thinks in what its function, the doctor Andrey Laslau writes. But when you are overtaken by a pancreatitis attack, you fully feel artful temper of this body.

the Pancreas is arranged difficult: it has a head, a body and a tail.

It performs the most responsible work in all organism: produces enzymes which split proteins, fats and carbohydrates and also is engaged in production of insulin.

In difference from a liver, a pancreas has no ability to be restored. If about it to care, care and cherish, it will not disturb you, and here if you begin to abuse fat, alcohol and sweet - wait for a trouble.

also cholelithiasis, a duodenum ulcer, drug intake and also infections and atherosclerosis of an aorta is capable to Bring a pancreas to a deplorable state. By all means the pancreas and to smokers and also people with bad heredity will have an effect.

Is interesting that in 30% of all attacks of pancreatitis nerves are guilty!

When in a channel of a pancreas raises pressure, outflow of its secret is broken, enzymes are activated prematurely. As a result instead of digesting food, enzymes begin to digest a pancreas and to destroy it.

as a result develops an acute inflammation. Enzymes and toxins which at the same time are emitted can seriously damage other bodies, such as lungs, kidneys, heart, liver and even brain.

Here characteristic signs that the pancreas is inflamed: 1) the severe surrounding pain in the top part of a stomach (subspoon area); does not take such pain even but-shpa and analgetics; 2) vomiting, violation of a chair, weakness, dizziness; 3) here what picture will be on ultrasonography: the shape of a pancreas is changed, uneven edges, there can be a presence of cysts. At chronic pancreatitis the pancreas behaves so: pain quite often extends in the left and right podreberye and gives to a back; often pain is surrounding, it amplifies if to lay down on a back, and weakens if to sit down and to bend slightly forward; pains arise or amplify in 40-60 minutes after a meal (especially after plentiful, greasy, fried, spicy food); a kashitseobrazny chair which contains parts of undigested food; the kcal has an unpleasant smell, a gray shade, is hard washed away from toilet bowl walls; there can be an eructation, nausea, incidental vomiting, a meteorizm; the person loses appetite and quickly grows thin. Here what it is necessary to do as seldom as possible to remember a pancreas:

1) At inflammation of a pancreas to you should exclude from a diet crude cellulose (cabbage, bean, apples). They lead to gas generation and irritate a pancreas.

It is necessary to refuse also sweet fruit (except banana). Clean sugar in their structure will increase already high level of glucose in blood. An exit in such situation one - all



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