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9 ways to increase pressure if you are a hypotensive person

Doctor's advice.

Though low pressure, as a rule, is considered sign of good health, sometimes it becomes too low that leads to problems, Dr. Kashi writes.

In certain cases natural decisions help to increase blood pressure and to remove the accompanying symptoms. In other cases drugs and therapeutic procedures are necessary to lift pressure to healthy level.

What pressure is considered low?

Low is considered an indicator of blood pressure below 90/60 mm of a mercury column.

However most of doctors consider it a problem, only if the lowered pressure is followed by the corresponding symptoms.

for lack of symptoms low pressure is not dangerous. But if symptoms are present, it means that bodies do not turn out sufficient blood supply.

If it occurs too long, then can lead to serious consequences, such as: shock; stroke; heart attack; renal failure. Natural means.

are not required for Most of people for a raising of blood pressure drugs and other medical interventions. There is a set of natural ways to increase pressure.

Here 9 best:

1. Use more salt.

Contrary to widespread councils, low-salt diets are not useful to people with low pressure.

If at you is lowered pressure, try to increase moderately salt consumption to lift it.

2. Refuse alcohol.

Alcohol can lower pressure even more therefore people with low pressure are not recommended to drink many alcoholic beverages.

3. Discuss the drugs with the doctor.

Low blood pressure can be side effect of drug intake.

If symptoms of low pressure appeared after the beginning of drug intake, discuss it with the doctor.

4. Cross legs when you sit.

When you sit with the crossed legs, blood pressure increases. For people with high pressure it can be a problem.

But with a low pressure to sit with the crossed legs - an easy way to increase pressure with the minimum efforts.

5. Drink water.

a Large amount of water helps to increase blood volume that will eliminate one of the potential reasons of low pressure. Also it will help to avoid dehydration.

6. Eat often and Pomala. Eat

more often, but in the small portions to increase low pressure. When you eat

much and nourishingly, it leads to sharp pressure decline.

7. You wear compression stockings.

Compression stockings disperse blood on an organism, without allowing it to stand in legs.

Compression stockings are used for removal of pains and pressure, especially at varicose veins.

8. Avoid sharp changes of a pose.

When the person with low pressure sharply rises or sits down, it can cause dizziness, a disorientation and even a faint.

It occurs because heart does not manage to disperse enough blood on an organism



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