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9 diseases with which 1 packing of these tablets can finish

Have to be in each first-aid kit!

of Spirulin - at the same time and a bacterium (more precisely a cyanobacterium), and the plant which has ability to photosynthesis, writes Well-Being Secrets.

U it does not have a cellular membrane, thanks to it the spirulina easily transforms energy of the Sun and acquires a set of organic matter from carbon dioxide and water.

appoint it by that who needs an additional source of nutrients, for example, growing thin and also to patients after operation.

Advantage of a spirulina:

1) Is rich with protein. In the spirulena 60 - 70% of protein are revealed (in meat only of 21-40%) and this protein contains all irreplaceable amino acids necessary for the growing and aging people.

2) Reduces appetite. As a part of a spirulina there is phenylalanine - thanks to it there comes the feeling of saturation. Accept a spirulina before food that the gel which is slowing down depletion of a stomach and reducing feeling of hunger managed to be formed.

3) Calcium for bones. The research of the American scientists showed that in the spirulena is 180% more than calcium, than in milk. Calcium, as we know, strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis. In 3 g of a spirulina about 10 mg of calcium contain.

4) Powerful antioxidant. In 3 g of a spirulina more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, than contain in five portions of fruit and vegetables.

of Spirulin is rich macro - and minerals (vitamins A, With, E, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12). In an iron spirulina powder tablespoon as much, how many in 50 average apples.

of Vitamins of group B contains in the spirulena in 40-150 times more, than in cheese, milk, cottage cheese, fish, meat, eggs and butter.

5) Reduces cholesterol level. Spirulina is rich with irreplaceable fatty acids, main of which - gamma and linolenic acid. It reduces amount of bad cholesterol in blood and also prevents its congestion in blood vessels.

6) Contains beta carotene. It in the spirulena in 10 times more, than in carrots. It is known that beta carotene as a result of oxidizing processes turns into vitamin A.

surpasses eggs In the content of vitamin A of a spirulin by 1500 times, butter and cheese - by 400 times, milk - by 10,000 times. According to results of researches, beta carotene fights against cholesterol and cancer tumors and also heals wounds.

7) Contains iron. 1 g of a spirulina contains 1 mg of iron. Iron is a part of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, erythrocytes, enzymes, influences the immune system and the general power exchange. Iron from a spirulina is completely acquired by an organism.

In an iron spirulina powder tablespoon as much, how many in 50 average apples. Experts claim that reception of 4 g of a spirulina a day provides fast increase in hemoglobin in blood.

8) Is rich with magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for normal functioning of muscles, transfer of nervous impulses, heart rate, durability of bones, synthesis of protein and arterial blood pressure.

In 2 g of a spirulina contains



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