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90% of the Ukrainian fighters can be rehabilitated after injuries, - Sergey Kuzminykh

Kuzminykh has also emphasized importance of psychological rehabilitation of fighters.

allow to restore the Rehabilitation centers of Ukraine successfully after traumatized by 90% of the Ukrainian combatants.

has reported about it Sergey Kuzminykh, the founder of the International charity foundation of brothers Kuzminykh, speaking on Thursday at the forum "Where We — There Ukraine", "Censor" writes.

"In 2017 we have opened the new rehabilitation center in Zhytomyr. There rather successful combination of the equipment for restoration that we had an opportunity to carry out rehabilitation of combatants. 90% from them successfully recovered from traumatized - psychologically and physically", he said. Kuzminykh has also emphasized with

importance of psychological rehabilitation of fighters.

"When wounded children can begin to work a hand, a leg, to move - it is good. But all of them still need psychological assistance", - he has noted.

the Founder of charity foundation has hoped that the Ministry of Health will pay more attention to rehabilitation of such patients.

"Still is very important for rehabilitation ability to work with chronic injuries. For this purpose there are several medical centers in Kiev and other cities of the country. We try to make as much as possible efforts that these centers worked properly. The Kiev center adopts experience at the foreign colleagues having experience with veterans", - Kuzminykh has emphasized.

the Charitable organization "International Charity Foundation of Brothers Kuzminykh" is created on October 7, 2015. Is engaged, in particular, in the financial and organizational aid in treatment of fighters abroad and in Ukraine, humanitarian and legal support of combatants, the organization of charity concerts.

has passed the International volunteer and veteran forum "Where We — There Ukraine" on August 22-23 in Kiev. As organizers of a forum Focal Point and Return Live charity Foundations with assistance of committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for veterans, participants of ATO and people with disabilities and also Constant delegation of Ukraine in Parliamentary assembly of NATO have acted. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Groysman, People's Deputies, representatives of the government, Ministry of Defence and General Staff have taken part in work of the Forum.



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