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8 ways which will help to lose weight without diets or trainings

Doctors always emphasize that the diet and physical exercises are the most effective natural methods for weight loss. Experts say that if you want to improve the health, then you need to work hard over it with a good training and the plan of food. However these methods demand months and years of discipline and commitment. But how you quickly lose weight without diet or physical exercises? Whether it is possible?

Yes, you can lose weight without diet. You can lose weight without exercises. You can lose weight, without visiting the gym. Sounds too well to be the truth?

Here how to lose weight without wearisome diets and trainings:

1. Eat slowly

Probably, as quickly or slowly you eat, influences your weight. Experts from Japan have found out in a research that fast eaters will probably gain kilograms quicker in comparison with slow eaters.

2. Small portions
If you want to lose weight without exercises, change the plate. Use a small plate to place in it your dishes. This trick Belbeyf which controls perception of your brain uses the concept of illusion. In one of researches published in the International magazine of obesity, experts have learned that after Delbeyf's illusion the positive impact on the people trying to lose weight has been made.

3. Drink more
If you want to know how quickly to lose weight, you remember that to drink more glasses of water before your dishes can reduce hunger.

4. Look at walls in your table

Wall colors with a yellow and red shade can influence your appetite and force your brain to consume quicker. It is no wonder why networks of fast food, such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King, have yellow or red color for the brand. It is deliberate attempt to force the clients is more. So, why not to recolour the dining room in a blue shade?

5. Change lighting in your table

If you make changes, recolouring the dining room why not to consider the possibility of replacement of the lamp on something brighter? The research conducted in Laboratory of products and brands of Cornell University has shown that people who ate in dimly lit dining rooms or restaurants more likely had 39 percent more calories in food. They have also chosen less healthy products, it is more than fried dishes and many desserts. On the other hand, those who ate in well lit places have been forced to choose vegetables, the fried or baked food.

6. Keep the diary

according to experts in the Research center of cancer of Fred Hutchinson, to write down what you have eaten in the diary of food can help with loss of weight as it will help you to pay attention to what you eat.

7. A healthy sleep
When you don't receive the correct quantity of a dream or you test constant sleep disorders, hormones which regulate your appetite (called грелин and лептин),



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