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8 precepts of the surgeon Amosov which protect from 95% of diseases

The most great Ukrainian doctor.

the Ukrainian scientist who was known by the whole world the academician, the magnificent heart surgeon Nikolay Amosov who has lived nearly 90 years, the example has proved that the old age can be overcome.

the Author of scientific works and the founder of an improving technique of RON ("The mode of restrictions and loadings") has proved that there is a way to prolong life and at the same time to keep clear mind. Great value Nikolay Amosov gave

to a power supply system and physical activities without which as he claimed, the person can't be healthy. He has checked the theory which the academician has described in the books on himself.

Here 8 councils of the great physician:

1. Health is a natural state of the person.

Doctors treat diseases, and health needs to be got a training. Because health is "reserve capacities" of bodies and all our physiology.

These capacities are necessary to support normal functional indicators at loadings (physical and mental) and also not to ache, and having got sick - not to die.

These capacities are necessary, for example, that the blood pressure and pulse didn't increase more than by one and a half times at exercises or run, and inevitable short wind quickly calmed down. Not to be afraid of a draft, and colds quickly passed without drugs, by itself. And in general - that it was well worked, fallen down, eaten and drunk.

And so: these capacities aren't extracted by drugs! Only training, exercises, loadings.

2. Don't consider yourself patients without the reason!

What is diseases, feels everyone: this annoying disorder of various functions preventing to feel happiness and even to live.

of the Reason are known too: external "harm" (an infection, ecology, public shocks), own unreasonable behavior, sometimes - congenital defects. Amosov claimed

: the human nature is strong. At least at most of people.

Yes, small diseases are inevitable, but serious most often arise from unreasonableness of a way of life: decrease in reserves as a result of a detrenirovannost. External conditions, poverty, stresses - on the second place.

3. Don't rely on doctors!

don't hope that doctors will make you healthy. They can save life, even to cure a disease, but will only bring to start, and further - rely on yourself. Amosov said

: "I don't diminish in any way power of medicine as I serve it all life. But also I am a good judge of health - theoretically and practically". If you are young and there are no disturbing symptoms, then it isn't necessary to run at the slightest indisposition in policlinic. As Amosov spoke: "Our doctors don't trust the nature, are aimed at drugs and rest. Be afraid to be taken prisoner to them! Will find diseases and will convince: "To have a rest and be treated!"". In an organism there are powerful protective forces - immune system, compensation mechanisms. They will work, it is necessary to give them a little time only.

4. Watch the weight!

of the Rule of food are very simple: minimum of fats, 300 grams of vegetables and fruit ежедневн



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