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8 best new series about serial killers and their victims

For the serial audience.

you Like to tickle nerves?

Then to you be, it has to is interesting to watch movies about inventive psychopaths. Little blood as story about terrible maniacs and fearless police officers who find them so excites!

of Cultura Colectiva recommends to watch these 8 series about the maniacs available on Netflix:

8. Investigator: History of the British crime <(2016-).br>
Rating: 5,7/10.

Mark Williams-Thomas has a 11-year length of service in police. Its specialty - crimes against minors.

narrates These documentary series about large case which the investigator processes the last 20 years. During the investigation many unattractive details about different people - in particular, about famous once TV and radio host Jimmy Savile become clear...

7. Slasher <(2016-).br>
Rating: 6,6/10.

Sara Bennett comes back to the town where she was born, and finds itself in the center of the terrifying series of the murders based on widely known murder of her parents. Soon all who surround Sara become suspects or the victims. Murders become more and more, and the buried secrets reveal long ago.

Sara begins to suspect all and everyone around herself, including the husband Dylan...

6. Under water (2016-).

Rating: 7/10.

All terrible truth rises to the surface from past depth at the next crime in Australia where in 1980th and 1990th there was a wave of murders on coasts of east suburbs of Sydney. There were 80 murders, 30 unconsidered cases and thousands of attacks. The victims - young homosexuals.

is entrusted to be engaged in This business to detective stories which during the investigation will have under the threat both relations, and career, and lives...

5. Marcella <(2016-).br>
Rating: 7,5/10.

Marcella successfully was engaged Earlier in investigation of crimes in special office of police, but now is entirely absorbed by own divorce proceedings which drives her mad. Its organism is exhausted by the constant conflicts with the former spouse. Besides very soon farewell to the daughter who goes to study to boarding school is necessary to it.

the Main character is hardly restored to habitual life. Trust it investigation of a series of the interconnected murders. Having a little worked over business, the woman understands that these events are somehow connected with affairs of last years which it could not open...

4. Mantis <(2017).br>
Rating: 7,5/10.

Action is developed in Paris today. Zhanna Deber known as the Mantis - notorious the female murderer which kept in awe France more than 25 years ago. Under the agreement with police Zhanna leaves the loner camera to help with hunting for her imitator, but under one condition: if her son who became now to police officers works with it.

At Damyen does not remain the choice - the serial killer walks on freedom and can strike blow at any time...



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