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89-year-old mother met the daughter who as she considered, died 69 years ago

Touching reunion!

Still the little girl Connie Moultrup dreamed every year of the same Christmas miracle: to meet the biological mother.

this week - after 69 long years - it, at last, fulfilled the dream thanks to the DNA test, CNN writes.

Genevieve Purinton gave birth to Connie in 1949 in hospital in Indiana. When she wanted to see the child, doctors told her that the girl did not survive. "All this because she was unmarried mother. She lived so many years, thinking that I am dead..." - Moultrup told. Moutrup transported in orphanage, and then she was adopted by spouses from Santa Barbara, the State of California. But her adoptive mother died several years later when she was only 5 years old. Mother died

from cancer, and soon after that to her adoptive father made the diagnosis to heart failure.

the Father Moultrup repeatedly married, however the new spouse treated the girl badly. For this reason she looked for ways to find the real mother.

After long years of search her daughter Bonnie Chase decided to present to mother the direction in clinic of testing of DNA - and it cardinally changed her life. Moultrup told that it is the best Christmas gift which she ever received. "I needed some time, but when I, at last, received results, I learned that except the daughter and two grandsons at me 1600 more relatives! I was shocked", - Moultrup told. Results brought her to the three times removed sister. Moultrup began to ask it questions of a family tree. "I told it that a name of my mother - Genevieve Purinton, and it is such: "Oh, it is my aunt. And it is still alive". I could not believe in it. I will meet mother!" The woman left all the contacts and soon she was called. "That day I left church a bit earlier (though I do it extremely seldom). Literally, in 20 minutes after return home, I was called by mother", - Moultrup told. They agreed to meet, and on Monday they, at last, reunited in the house of her mother in Tampa, the State of Florida. "I at last met it! When I saw it, I burst out crying, - Moultrup told, - If you have the same problem, as well as at me - advise you to risk and try to find nevertheless the native person. You will lose nothing". However history and on it does not come to an end. In January Connie Moultrup plans to meet two sisters on the fatherly line. "We knew nothing about our family. Us was only three, - Bonnie Chase told, - Now thanks to clinic we see that we are actually connected about more than 4000 people!" And you know somebody who managed to find for the "gone" family too?

of Christina Zvarych.



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