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7 ways to attract someone who very much is pleasant to you

Works smoothly! Who these people in your life whom you adore and do you love

? Perhaps, it is mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the grandfather and the grandmother; there can be someone who is not connected with family, or this is your soulmate, Wake Up Your Mind writes.

you love in this person his humour, force, intelligence, honesty, energy, firmness or something else? Possibly, one person who caused or causes in you very warm feelings will come to your mind at least.

you sometime thought of parts of the personality which make you charming? Your mind can be too distracted by daily vital problems, but, actually, you really have qualities which can admire.

Is possible, you already got to fall in love someone, and do not even know about it! Perhaps, you already have some of the following qualities, or can develop them.

Here 7 ways to attract someone special:

1. Be oneself and enjoy it.

is pleasant to Nobody falseness. Yes, it is possible you have idols to whom you imitate - there is nothing "it". But you remember that the best person whom you can ever become - it you are.

When you try to be that whom you are not, people will notice it. Be yourself and enjoy it. You love the one whom you are.

Otherwise, it can lead to disappointments and a depression.

2. Be honest.

Honesty - the best policy. This principle was confirmed during all history, and there are no reasons for which you should not trust in it.

Mark Twain told once that the person who never lies should not remember anything. He was right. You do not need to play roles or to hide itself from others. to

Be honest and faithful to the one whom you have to be. People will always find honesty attractive; and if they do not do it, then it is probably people who come to your life to teach you to something and also quickly to leave it.

3. Develop sense of humour.

All love people with good sense of humour. Laughter and joy are very valuable goods in the gloomy world.

This absolute pleasure for people to be near someone who will manage to force them to laugh; to be near someone who is capable to bring joy and happiness in any situation.

Good sense of humour - a great way to support positive outlook on life. Positive people are inclined to attract to themselves more people.

4. Be more thoughtful and disinterested.

When you consider others interests, people see it and appreciate. Moreover, if you do it absolutely disinterestedly.

Is known that people who are more thoughtful have good social skills. Such people are sensitive and careful with by the own words and actions.

Unselfish people are always very graceful and charming.

5. Be more open and susceptible to different opinions.

Be able to accept and understand others opinion. The world is in great need in are more open



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