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7 simple habits which will protect your house from quarrels and will attract to it prosperity

It is lovely, simple, and will definitely not damage.

always have to reign In the house the world and harmony. How to protect the dwelling from negative energy by means of the simplest objects, writes 7 secunde.

1. Whether you hold on a table of medical

you Know that since ancient times honey is considered a symbol of abundance and wellbeing? There is even an expression "as with honey is spread", and all because not only bees, but also good luck are flown to honey. Therefore to preserve the peace and harmony in family, on a table it is necessary to hold a small container with honey.

2. Put rhinestone on a window sill.

the Quartz or rhinestone located in the light place, for example, on a window sill, will attract positive energy, happiness and good luck.

3. You lay a white cloth.

to avoid quarrels and misunderstanding, use a white cloth. She has an ability to reconcile all family members.

4. Throw into a sack of 33 copper coins.

That were always found in the house money, it is necessary to collect 33 coins from copper, success symbol. Coins have to be identical advantage and to be in use in your country. For activization of copper coins, put them for the night on a window sill under the growing moon. Don't show them to anybody not to frighten off good luck.

5. You keep bread in a wooden bread box.

6. Use silver spoons.

In order that the silver spoon became the real mascot, she needs to be held separately from all other ware.

7. You store a birch broom in the house.

the Birch broom - a powerful charm from evil forces and negative energy. Will make him it is necessary independently, having cut off several branches from a young birch, without I grew dull also damages. Tear off all leaves from branches and tie up a broom a red woolen thread. He surely has to stand or hang the handle up.

Among other things, don't start up in the house of women who want children, and liquidate everything that attracts poverty - stuff, the broken cups and the mirrors unnecessary a thing, the broken equipment.

With these charms your house will prosper, and life will change for the better in the shortest possible time. And what help you?

of Fia Mont.



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