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7 scientifically proved reasons why sex on the first appointment is the super-idea

To accept to consider what isn't present, but after all...

the First appointments usually awkward, pass in cafe or other quiet places, but at the end most often there is a question: Whether "We are going to have sex at the end?", Elite Daily writes.

Thanks to a set of stereotypes and the outdated ideas, sex on the first appointment became a subject of disputes.

Despite realities of the modern world, all of us still consider sex on the first appointment as something fleeting and most often inadmissible - because of what many long reflect whether it is correct, or nevertheless not.

We are so keen on opinion of society on us that we neglect personal desires. We are too busy with interpretation of thoughts of others to listen own.

In Elite Daily have conducted a research, and here to what conclusion they have come: there is nothing bad in sex on the first appointment. Nobody is going to think badly of you or to condemn. You a priori shouldn't feel guilty.

Is fine if it isn't enough, how about statistics? The American poll of 2012 among lonely people has shown that 55% at least once in life had sex on the first appointment (66% of men, 44% of women).

Here 7 reasons based on science why it is completely normal.

1. Your partner won't think of you nothing bad.

Poll in Cosmopolitan of 2013 has shown that 83% of women consider that men will think of them badly if they agree to sex on the first appointment.

But reality such is that most of guys, especially 67% of respondents, absolutely support them. Thus, now you can leave the fear behind - figures don't lie.

2. It will increase your chances of the second meeting.

Who has told that sex on the first an appointment will frighten off the man? Did you such meet? They love sex! If you are sure and you enjoy that you do, then you can not worry.

In this case sex on the first appointment actually brings you benefit and increases your chances of the second meeting. you Remember

also that men are quite ordinary in questions of appointments and sex.

3. He will remove sexual tension. If you have

no sex at an early stage, pressure increases. Each next appointment turns into a constant play of reason: Whether "I have to continue to wait? He has invited me already to the third appointment, but how into the account of sex? "

When sexual tension accrues, you will probably feel more awkwardly. Think of Frenchwomen - they aren't afraid to take this step and therefore derive pleasure maximum!

4. The chemistry is a chemistry. Jeff Vilser says

: "The chemistry is a chemistry. From the point of view of the guy, there is no value whether you oversleep on the first appointment, or on the seventh". All the matter is that if you very much are pleasant each other - there are no reasons to refuse will enjoy the company even longer and more fullly.

5. Men want it too!

According to the American research of 41% of men consider sex on the first appointment "very much podkhodyashch



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