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7 products which should not be used to children

We mistakenly consider some products useful therefore we stuff with them our children. However no advantage of it will exist, and here harm is enough. In this article you will read what products it is better to exclude from a diet of your kid.

You think that replacing sweet sparkling water with the packaged juice, you do a good deed? Actually - No. Juice of industrial production incorporates a set of preservatives, and Coca-Cola contains as much sugar, as well as, for example. And this sugar is instantly soaked up in blood and breaks carbohydrate exchange.

give to the kid fresh frutka and berries Better (on a season). And also you can cook from them compote or fruit drink - these drinks will be the safest and useful to the baby.

Semolina porridge
In semolina porridge very few really useful substances, are almost not present vitamins and minerals which it is necessary to the baby for full development. And there is a lot of carbohydrates. Therefore it is better for child to give instead of semolina other, more useful and nutritious porridges - oat, buckwheat, pearl-barley.

is unconditional, home-made yogurt is useful. And here what is on sale in shops - by no means. Usually in store there are no useful bacteria which improve work of a gastrointestinal tract. But there is a lot of sugar, fat, calories and harmful additives.

Only home-made yogurt we will allow in a diet of the child
I it not surprisingly, useful bacteria live at most several days, and here an expiration date of those yogurts that in shops, - 2-3 weeks, and sometimes even month. Therefore if you want to feed the child with yogurt, better make it.

Dry breakfasts
Various flakes, balls and small pillows in advertizing - the best breakfast for the child. It is also useful, and tasty, and it is not necessary to prepare. And in practice the first point absolutely false - useful substances it is minimum there, but it is more sugar, than it is necessary. So it is empty calories with which it is impossible to be sated. So if you want

that your kid had a nutritious breakfast, and he did not get hungry in half an hour, cook to it porridge, add berries, nuts, dried fruits there. Believe, so will be more tasty, and is more nutritious, and it is more useful.

In grapes is a lot of useful substances, but up to 2, and it is up to 3 years better not to give it to the child. First, in it there is a lot of sugar. Secondly, for a gentle gastrointestinal tract of the kid this product too heavy. He can badly peretravlivatsya, appeal diarrhea, swelling, gripes or just discomfort. And thirdly, the child can just choke.

Glazed cheese curd
If you think that glazed cheese curd - an excellent alternative to cottage cheese, then you never before so were mistaken. These curd cakes according to contents in them are more harmful than any bad substances, than chips!

There a set of fragrances, is a lot of sugar, dyes, preservatives that does this product absolutely inadmissible for children's (and the adult) food.

Honey is useful, but only if not to subject it to heat treatment. In pastries, in tea and under



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