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7 products which cause a slime congestion in your body

Many people think only of slime or a phlegm when they are ill. Slime is a sticky irritating substance which forces your nose to feel blocked. The phlegm is very similar to slime, thus, but instead it is made from lungs. The fact that there are some products which cause slime can't surprise you. Consumption of these products can force you to feel worse.

the Best way to avoid slime influence - to save your diet from products which cause production of slime. It can be not really easy, but conscious efforts on reduction them in your diet will give effect at once. The use of these products in moderate quantities also is a good step. If you suffer from the problems caused by excessive slime, you will find out that you feel much better than everything after a week of correction of the diet. Without the further assumptions, let's pass to this list of products.

of 7 products which cause a slime congestion in your body
1. Milk and
dairy products
Cheese, milk, yogurt and all other dairy products contain casein molecules - molecules which increase releases of slime. Therefore the use of a large number of dairy products means that in a throat and sine there will be more slime. Lactose, generally, is very harmful to production of slime. Try to replace milk in the coffee or a cappuccino with a dairy alternative, for example almonds.

2. Even sugar in your coffee or tea more slime and also the processed fruit and products, such as glazed fruit can't force your body to develop
. Try to replace sugar with all natural that you can find: honey and nectar of an agave are two good alternatives. At pastries you can just use more fruit that is a natural source of sugar.

3. Meat and
It doesn't mean that you need to become a vegetarian, however, if you have a flu, it is recommended to avoid any kind of meat or fish because they will make your slime even more densely. In the long term try to limit the meat dishes several times a week, but there is no meat every day. Fish try to consume even less because she is very rich with fatty acids and oils that can also promote production of slime.

If you look for a dairy or meat alternative, try to get rid of products on the basis of soy, such as soy milk, tofu and speed. Look for something that in what there is a coco as it is good antioxidant and he doesn't cause so much slime.

5. Nuts and
the Bread, pasta, pizza and all other products connected with carbohydrate are very rich with grains that can worsen production of slime while you are sick. Besides, try to steer clear of the majority bean when you are sick because they will only force you to be ill stronger. Instead try to replace them with fresh vegetables.

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