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7 magnificent soups from around the world which can be prepared in 30 minutes

In the winter day without hot soup! there is no

In cold weather anything better than a plate of hot soup! It has to warm, be nourishing and tasty, BuzzFeed writes. You were bothered by traditional pea soup and rassolnik? Then please relatives with pumpkin, tomato or bean soup! We chose by

7 best recipes of soups among which you will precisely find something to the taste!

1) Gentle pumpkin soup.

Ingredients: pumpkin - 1 kg; carrots - 250 гр; garlic - 2 cloves; ginger root; olive oil - 50 ml; cream; turmeric; pumpkin sunflower seeds; salt and greens of parsley. Preparation: Peel vegetables and garlic, cut pulp of pumpkin in cubes, carrots - bars. Lay out pumpkin in a stewpan with olive oil and fry 5 minutes on average fire. Pour to vegetables of 4-5 glasses of vegetable or chicken broth (or just in waters). Add the cleaned and small polished root of ginger. Continue to weary soup until vegetables become soft. After that directly in a stewpan punch the softened vegetables the submersible blender. Season all with salt, a turmeric and warm up (do not boil!). Pour soup on plates, add the cooled cream to taste, strew with greens and pumpkin sunflower seeds. Before it take pumpkin sunflower seeds on the dry heated frying pan. 2) Tomato cream soup with a basil.

Ingredients: 1-2 napiform bulbs; 750 g of tomatoes; 50 g of butter; 50 g of vegetable oil; basil; 3 glasses of broth; 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; 1 glass of cream; salt and pepper to taste. Preparation: Drench tomatoes with boiled water, cut on segments and husk with them and also cut out a fruit stem. Wash out a basil and chop. Crush onions. In a pan pour olive oil, add butter and put on average fire. Add onions to oil and you extinguish until it is softened. Then add to it tomatoes and a basil, salt and pepper. Fill in onions with 3 glasses of broth. After that throw 2 tablespoons of tomato paste into soup, reduce fire and you cook soup of 15 minutes. Switch off fire, soup cool soup a little, pour in the blender and crush it to homogeneous mass. Then pour tomato soup in a pan, bring to boiling on small fire and begin to add gradually to it cream then remove from fire. Before giving decorate soup with parmesan, give with toasts. 3) Chicken noodles soup and celery.

Ingredients: 1 chicken; 2 carrots; 2 stalks of a celery; 1/2 bulbs; 1 tsps of salt; 1 tsps of a turmeric; 1/4 tsps of a ground thyme; parsley; 480 гр egg noodles; 3 tablespoons of flour. Preparation: Place chicken in a big pan and fill in with 4 liters of water. Bring to boiling, then reduce fire to a minimum. You cook chicken on slow fire of 30 minutes. Cut carrots, onions in cubes, a celery - half rings. Get chicken from a pan. Separate meat from bones. Slightly crush meat. Return bones to a pan and continue to cook under a cover within 45 minutes. Take away bones from broth. Add the cut carrots, a celery and onions to a pan with broth. Add crushed



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