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7 fresh series which tighten since the very first minute

Also do not release to the last!

At last came those long winter evenings which so well go under a serialchik with a cup of hot tea! Do not you know what to look at? Rely on us! We found

for you 7 fresh TV series which will not allow to start missing:

7. Preacher <(2016-).br>
Rating: 8.1/10.

the Priest Jesse Custer happy-go-lucky became the carrier in the nature of a strange being by the name of Genesis. This child of copulation of an angel and the demon represents at the same time clean ideal and a quintessence of light, but also a clot of the absolute evil.

Genesis - the only being in the Universe who can get up level with God if wishes that, and his carrier automatically becomes the most powerful being in a material world...

6. 13 reasons why <(2017-).br>
Rating: 8.1/10.

Clay Jensen finds Once a box with the audio cassettes which are written down by Hanna Baker on a threshold of the house. He was in love with this girl at school until she committed suicide once. Hanna specified by

13 reasons which pushed it on it In the records. And Clay - one of them...

5. American gods <(2017-).br>
Rating: 8.1/10.

the Shadow - the person with the past. But now the only thing that he wants, is to lead quiet and peaceful life with the wife away from problems. So far he does not learn about her death as a result of accident.

on the way on a funeral home when the whole gale shakes the plane, is represented to it the strange person from the next chair. He calls himself Mr. Sreda. And he knows about the Shadow more, than it seems possible. He warns the Shadow that a bigger storm approaches...

4. Under wolf laws (2016-).

Rating: 8.2/10.

After the death of mother 17-year-old Joshua Cody moves to the relatives to the beach town in South California. Joshua's grandmother directs family business. Her chief assistant - the senior from brothers Cody. Other sons help mother in process of forces too.

Soon Joshua understands that family business is connected with crime and that now it willy-nilly became a part of this new to it and the deadly world...

3. Detective agency of Dirk Dzhentli <(2016-2017).br>
Rating: 8.4/10.

the Series telling about adventures of the private detective Dzhentli and his involuntary assistant Todd.

Every season they investigate certain big, apparently, absolutely mad secret and face strange and times dangerous characters. In each series they approach a solution on several steps though their investigation suffers from a lack of logic...

2. Story by the servant <(2017-).br>
Rating: 8.6/10.

Action is developed in the future, in the Republic of Gilead where military are in power. In the country cruel orders and customs, are held in respect in society only officers and their wives.

Besides a totalitarian society organization, in the world of the future is a serious problem - infertility. L



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