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7 dangers of a ketogene diet about which you have to know

7 dangers of a ketogene diet about which you have to know
Ketogene diets inspire many disputes with the medical experts and nutritionists weighing everything pros and cons. Often considered as a short-term problem, low-carbohydrate diet still has big support. Healthline claims that many supporters refer to such advantages as fast loss of weight and increase in level of sugar in blood. Also there were many supporters a Siberian salmon which indicate advantages to patients with the states connected with a brain. In that degree in which this plan with the low content of carbohydrates reduces consumption of the processed products and unhealthy carbohydrates there are indisputable advantages to health, as well as in many other diets.

Despite some of positive advantages of this type of a diet, is certain dangers which need to be considered.

are given the main dangers of a ketogene diet Below:

1. Low level of sugar in blood is a possible problem.

Diabetics can jump with the joy of the idea of low level of sugar in blood, but, to tell the truth, it can be inconvenient. The reason of this state is that your body uses fat instead of carbohydrates for energy in respect of meal with the low content of carbohydrates. Symptoms of low level of sugar in blood - fatigue and headaches. In most cases sugar level comes back to blood to norm, and symptoms disappear in several days.

2. Levels of hydration will suffer.

Dehydration is the problem connected with diets with the low content of carbohydrates. It means that your body is exhausted from a glycogen, and for each gram of a glycogen 3 grams of water are lost. When kidneys wash away the excess water, electrolytes necessary for your body, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, are also washed away that can result in deficiency of vitamins. Other symptom of dehydration is stones in kidneys.

3. Possible development of acidosis.

during a ketoz your blood can become sour. Usually this problem is temporary as your organism adapts. Monitoring of this situation is recommended as the long period of acidosis can lead to destruction of a bone or stones in kidneys.

4. Insufficiency of nutrients probably without additives.

Strategically eating the products rich with nutrients, for receiving necessary vitamins and minerals demands certain efforts. That is why so many nutritionists accept additives to be convinced that they receive that it is necessary for them. Long-term deficiencies of nutrients can lead to problems with health. The amount of the recommended additives depends on the person. Consultation with the nutritionist for the solution of this possible problem makes sense.

5. It is difficult to support plans with the low content of carbohydrates eventually.

People miss carbohydrates and complicate to support a low-calorie diet. Food - it is much bigger, than fuel for a body. It is an emotional problem, and it can be difficult



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