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6 ways to improve memory, proved by science

Memory and its improvement - one of the most vital issues which interest the person. How to make so that constantly not to forget names of new acquaintances, important meetings, promises, necessary information and so forth? Scientists continue to struggle with the solution of this problem still, good memory - pledge of good life., writes rambler.

It arises as communication between neurons which is called a synapse. Further there is a memory consolidation - process of formation of memoirs in long-term which we can remember then. Generally these actions happen when we sleep, strengthening synapses. But for some reason occurs so that some reminiscence are fixed in us stronger, and others - are not present. Everything depends on the frequency of a call of these areas of memory. The picture which we reproduce more often will better be postponed in our brains and vice versa. Loss of memory is a normal process which happens with age, is closer to an old age. Absolutely it is impossible to block it, but it is possible to try to brake. And it is the best of all to make it here in such ways.

to Meditate

From the scientific point of view, this method a little contradictory, however effective. Scientists still cannot explain up to the end its phenomenon. Best of all meditation influences development and strengthening of so-called working memory. It something like the daily log or a notebook of our brain where we write down the new information arriving day by day. And the working memory is stronger, the it will be easier for us to live.

Meanwhile an average maximum of things which we can hold in it equals to seven. And, to expand their quantity, it is necessary to resort to meditation. Researches showed that even if the person has no experience in this case at all, then two months later it will be able already to achieve good result, and the first improvements will become noticeable in two weeks. And though during meditation our brain works not so actively as it is necessary, but it copes with the main task. Meanwhile this strange paradox is not solved, but are sure, scientists will find to it a reasonable explanation.

to Have the
It was always quite contradictory product in human life. Some researches say us that coffee is more harmful, than is useful others - on the contrary. And till some time was considered that caffeine negatively affects memory of the person.

made the Experiment by means of several groups of students. Then the result showed that those who had coffee during training or to it had more problems with storing of necessary material. But for some reason nobody guessed at once to try to drink a cup later. And when scientists reached this thought, they conducted one more research, and a result very much them surprised.

Intake of coffee right after studying of new material increased memory size at the next 24 o'clock. The effect of caffeine influenced memory consolidation stronger, having made process of a linking of synapses stronger. Therefore if it is necessary to remember something, better at first study information, and already then do yourself coffee.



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