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6 simple rules helping to be protected from cancer

According to scientists, following to simple rules helps to enhance security of an organism from development of cancer.

Is greens and garlic. Sheet salads, greens with leaves of a dark color, an alga and in addition to them garlic - this set will provide an organism with such large amount of antioxidants to which other products will not be able to be compared.

Is whole grain. According to the report of the American institute of a research of cancer and the World fund of fight against cancer, the food allowance with the high level of whole grains effectively protects the person from development of a colorectal cancer (intestines cancer). This conclusion was confirmed by results of the analysis which captured 99 researches with participation of 29 million people.

is Every day vegetables. Consumption of vegetables supplies an organism with the substances killing for malignant cages. Besides, vegetables are products which do not contain trasnszhir, and their eating means the general decrease in the transfats in a diet consumed with other food.

to Avoid products of high processing. According to results of a research of the French scientists which were published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the regular use of products of high processing is associated with early mortality in connection with development of diseases, including cancer. Each additional 10% of these products in a diet increase risk of early death by 14%. Scientists advise: do not eat sausages and chips every day, use a shish kebab and fast food not more often than two times a month.

to Take aspirin. The research of scientists from the University of Newcastle showed that daily intake of aspirin twice reduces the probability of development of cancer of rectum. In turn scientists from the Harvard school of public health care noted that regular long-term intake of acetilsalicylic acid can help to prevent development of cancer of digestive tract.

to Play sports. For effect of protection against development of cancer two times a week are enough to train. Sports activities disperse metabolism, strengthen immunity.



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