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6 effective recipes a detox water for weight loss

There is a set of advantages of water. Our body can't work properly if we don't moisten it with water. Besides, there are numerous violations of health which it is possible to prevent or treat, consuming enough water every day.

Drinking water can improve your general state of health, and it can help you if you very much try to lose excess weight. There are various recipes which include herbs, fruit which you need to taste immediately.
of 6 recipes of water for a detoxication will work wonders for your health and will help you to lose extra kilos which disturbed you for some time. Choose one and enjoy!

1. Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon
For this recipe is required to you only a glass of water, 1 apple and one tablespoon of cinnamon.

First of all, cut apple small pieces and add him to a glass of water together with a cinnamon tablespoon. Carefully mix

and leave in the refrigerator on all night long. Drink next the heart as soon as you get up.

2. Strawberry and
For preparation of this remarkable water for a detoxication is required to you 6 leaves of mint, 1 glass of warm water, 4 glasses of watermelon and strawberry (it is desirable to cut in half).

Mix strawberry, mint and pieces of watermelon in a glass of warm water. Leave mix in the refrigerator within several hours and drink throughout the day.

3. Cucumber
Is probably the simplest recipe of water for a detoxication. You need only water and one cucumber. Cut a cucumber on several parts and mix with water.

4. The
apple cider vinegar
For this recipe are necessary to you: 1 lemons and 1 lime, 5 leaves of mint, 1 glass of water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

to you needs to squeeze a lime and a lemon and to add apple cider vinegar together with mint leaves to a glass of water. Let mix will remain on all night long and drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning.

5. Pineapple and a cucumber
For preparation of this water for a detoxication is required to you 1 glasses of water, 1 cut cucumber and 1 cut pineapple.

Simply connect ingredients and well mix them. Leave drink in the refrigerator and consume it throughout the day.

6. The lemon and Cayenne
is required to you 1 glasses of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1/10 teaspoons of the Cayenne pepper. To make drink, mix lemon juice and the Cayenne pepper in warm water.

After careful mixing, let's drink cool down and drink. We recommend to drink drink in the evening.



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