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5 teachers who scoffed at pupils - and strongly have regretted about it

Sometimes justice triumphs.

the User of Tumblr Allegra of Willow has published a thread in which people with disabilities share gruesome stories from school life on the page, Bored Panda tells.

These stories shock and revolt. At the end of a post 21-year-old Willow has told readers that in the USA the special program of legal protection of people with disabilities works in public places - so-called "the plan 504". This plan allows to skip, for example, classes or to carry at itself strong medicines in school.

Here 5 terrible stories which were published by Allegra Willow (a photo for an illustration): "Once the teacher on replacement has accused my friend Henry that he carries wireless earphones, and ordered to remove them so he has removed them and has given her. Then she has asked him some question, but he hasn't answered; then she has repeated a question more loudly, but he all the same hasn't answered. It has taken an interest in

why he doesn't answer her on what Henry has told: "Mem, I don't hear you, I have removed acoustical devices"". "Once we had a teacher on replacement which distributed the checked works and has told my name. I have asked somebody to take my work, and it has begun to scoff over me for the fact that I have even not got up from the place. She teased me and asked why I can't rise and approach behind the work.

my schoolmates everything at once have broken off and when the teacher has in plenty laughed, she was told that the wheelchair near my school desk belongs to me". "At my sister the examiner (on replacement) has pulled out once an insulin pomp because has decided that this some device for writing off. He has understood the mistake when the port at it in a side (where the cannula is inserted) has begun to bleed through her shirt.

the Pomp has begun to peep furiously because so she is suited, and in a class chaos then my sister has pulled out at him from hands has begun consider that it the pancreas, has told the girlfriend: "Tell to the following examiner that I need more time" and I have gone to a first-aid post". "Schools are adapted by bloody nothing for people with disabilities. At younger school I had a reaction to high sugar of blood (cold sweat, second faints, vomiting and finally a severe attack and death), and I KNEW that it is necessary to me in a first-aid post because to me it became worse.

Ya tried to ask for leave, but the teacher spoke "no" all the time until I have felt that I now to a blevan and haven't begun to shout: LET me (I was little and I couldn't go anywhere without the permission of adults because was afraid that I for it will end up in hell), and this freak has told: STOP UP the MOUTH AND DON'T DISTRACT FROM the LESSON then me the fountain has pulled out directly on a school desk, and he has continued to teach to himself a lesson.

At last I have just taken off from a class, but by that moment so thrashed me that I didn't even remember where there is a first-aid post, without saying about where there are I so all class has jumped up from places and have taken away me in a first-aid post. I was right there sent to hospital, and I about



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