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5 remarkable beet salads which will strengthen your brains, heart and vessels

Even it isn't obligatory to cook it.

crude beet Salads stimulate brain activity and are excellent means for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. the Best of them we have selected

for you on Food Network.

the Most attractive in beet salads is their universality. You can always replace one ingredient with another, add something to the taste and issue salad in compliance with an action.

Beet is rich with huge amount of folic acid which properties amplify dried fruits (raisin, prunes and dried apricots). Regular consumption of this vegetable can prevent thrombosis and increase brain activity.

to revitalize an organism, is necessary 7 days is crude beet in the most different variations. Here the most tasty and useful:

crude beet garlic and nuts Salad.

the Combination of beet and garlic improves blood circulation and promotes fast digestion of fat dishes.

Ingredients: crude beet - 1 piece; walnuts - 100 gchesnok - 3 cloves; carrots - 1 piece; mayonnaise (preferably house). Preparation: Vegetables we clean

and we rub, then we mix. We add to vegetable weight crushed and the garlic which is passed through a chesnokodavka and nuts ground in the coffee grinder. We dress with mayonnaise, and we enjoy juicy taste!

Beet with Apples Salad.

Juicy fruit and vegetable salad will help to strengthen health and to improve a condition of skin.

Ingredients: crude beet - 1 piece; apple - 2 pieces; honey - 1 tablespoon; vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon; lemon juice - 3 tablespoons; fresh greens. Preparation:

Is rubbed on a grater the peeled beet and apples (it is possible together with a peel), we water with lemon juice and honey. We wait for 4-5 minutes then we fill with oil, we strew with greens, we add some salt and it is carefully mixed. This salad will be fine addition to a dinner.

Beet with Cabbage Salad.

This salad will clean an organism from slags and toxins.

Ingredients: beet - 1 piece; cabbage - 200 g; apple - 2 pieces; linseed oil - 3 tablespoons; lemon juice - 1 tablespoon; a kohlrabi - 1 piece. Preparation: Cabbage small we slice

, and other vegetables we rub on a grater. We mix ready-made products, we sprinkle lemon juice, we add oil. Before the use to add greens.

This salad in the people has received the name "Broom", and he is ideal for the people having diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Beet with Yoghurt Salad.

This salad quickly restores a natural flush and even increases elasticity and elasticity of skin.

Ingredients: crude beet - 1 piece; nuts and prunes - on 150 g; honey - 1 tsp; yogurt - 150 ml; Preparation:

add the crushed dried fruits To grated beet, fill with sour cream and honey. Carefully mix. Enjoy salad, and then and appearance.

Beet with Cheese Salad.

This juicy salad will be quite appropriate on a holiday table.

Ingredients: beet - 1 piece; parmesan of 150 g; garlic - the 3rd tooth



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