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5 professions which because of artificial intelligence will disappear the first

Too can affect you!

Artificial intelligence can't destroy all jobs, but some nevertheless will disappear, LesEchos writes. The Sapiens institute which deals with issues connected with new technologies, has defined five of them.

"In these five professions is concentrated nearly 2,1 million people who with high probability can lose the jobs", the research "Influence of Digital Revolution on Employment" published on August 21, 2018 says.

Automation and reduction.

to create this list, the Institute has taken into account to a profession, "which are directly connected with technology, and I have defined decrease in labor in them for the last 30 years". Originally investigators have determined by

about fifteen positions which problems have been automated. Then they have chosen those from them which have experienced the greatest reduction of labor.

Ervann Tison, the director of research at Sapiens Institute, tells that LesEchos considered work cost: "The cost is lower, the interest in replacement of the worker with car is lower".

Then projection were calculated according to two hypotheses. The first, linear, is the most optimistical. In principle, this continuation of a curve at her start. Date of extinction is then the most distant. The second, the most pessimistic - exponential; the tendency grows - the closest date of extinction.

1. Bank and insurance employees.

Bank and insurance employees are under direct threat. Their number has changed with 356 000 in 1986 to 221 000 in 2016, what is 39% less. Influence of automation is felt in all corners of France - by the number of the agencies which are closed in favor of Internet operations.

"Banks and insurance companies can get rid completely of employees during from 2038 to 2051", - it is said in a research.

2. Accounting workers.

the Accounting profession has considerably changed. Now it is required less assistants on accounting who reduce debit with the credit. If their number has increased within the 2000th years, then now it became 10% less, than in 1986, or 300 000 people.

"A tendency of the last years - outsourcing", is noted in the report. The profession "will die" between 2041 and 2056 when "the clever specialized software is able to carry out accounting tasks without intervention of the person".

3. Office secretaries.

C of 1986 number of secretaries is steadily reduced from 765 000 to 560 000 people in 2016. Their "extinction" is expected between 2053 and 2072. However it is not the first case when someone prophesies about disappearance of this profession. Emergence of computers foretold them "death" in the 1980th years.

When technology will be rather mature, in branch there will be only best and her most irreplaceable representatives, researchers consider.

4. Cashiers and staff of departments of self-service.

C of 1986 number of cashiers and



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