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5 products which will make you cleverer (video)

B12 vitamin exerts huge impact on work of a brain and perform important function in the course of blood formation in a human body.

Substance increases energy, improves memory and concentration and also supports nervous system. In addition, B12 strengthens immunity, participates in formation of red blood cages, normalizes pressure, transfers the Shortage of vitamin can lead

to emergence of serious diseases among which anorexia, confusion of consciousness, deliriya, paranoia, trouble breathing, fatigue and pallor.

Fortunately, it is easy to fill shortage of B12 products which can be found in the refrigerator at everyone:

dairy products
According to conclusions of National Institutes of health (National Institutes of Health), are enough 200 g of low-fat yogurt or one glass of the fat-free cow's milk to fill the shortage of vitamin. Daily reception of the specified norm will help to provide 18% of necessary consumption of
Not only that eggs are rich in protein, calcium, zinc, so still contain huge amount of other vitamins: A, B5, D, K, E. One egg contains 7% of necessary norm of B12 vitamin.

3. The enriched products
As are approved by the Canadian nutritionist Leslie Beck, some grades of cereals, vegetable milk and soy products are saturated with B12 vitamin. It is excellent option for vegetarians and vegans in whose diet there are no animal products.

"The enriched vegetable drinks contain 1 mkg of B12 vitamin in 1 cup and provide 50% of daily need of the person for this vitamin B of 1 portion", - the expert says.

Molluscs is famous for surplus of B12. In 85 grams about 85 mkg of vitamin sodezhitsya.

Some species of fish are also considered as a vitamin source: sardines, salmon and iridescent trout. In addition, nutritionists recommend crabs, seaweed to a hole and tinned shrimps as B12 source.

beef liver
Beef liver contains over 70 mkg of B12 vitamin in a portion of 85 g. However, many experts are ready very skeptically.

"B12 vitamin in meat can be less biologically available because of losses during heat treatment of food and availability of collagen which isn't digested and also the reduced sekretorny ability of a stomach", - the nutritionist Linda Antinoro says.




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