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5 products which can spoil to women health and appearance

The use of some products has to be controlled especially carefully by women, nutritionists consider. Experts called them - it is pasta, rice, sugar, margarine and fried products.

Fried dishes. According to experts, stated in the press, fried products are capable to spoil work of a stomach and intestines and also to be a factor of strengthening of cellulitis and skin problems. The use of fried dishes can promote increase in production of insulin in a pancreas. It, in turn, intensifies production of men's hormones - androgens which stimulyairut activity of sebaceous glands that leads to excess products of skin fat. Skin fat hammers skin pores, and it attracts the bacteria causing emergence of inflammations, acne rash.

Pasta and white loaf. Too active consumption of these products can create problems with a cardiovascular system at women. It was revealed that women from among passionate lovers of pasta and bread twice more often suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of pasta, as well as many other farinaceous dishes, promotes increase in level of glucose in blood. For women it can represent special danger as in their organism processes of increase in level of glucose already become more active under the influence of sex hormone of estrogen. Violations of normal balance of sugar of blood have a harmful impact on health of female heart. Nutritionists advise

to choose the dietary small loafs, bran and black bread rich with cellulose.

Margarin. This product contains a large amount of transfats - cheap types of the fats consisting of transisomers of fatty acids. Transfats receive in such a way processings which does them hazardous to health of the vascular system and heart - they promote fast accumulation of cholesterol. Was established that when in a diet of women more than 2% of calories are the share of transfats, their risk of heart attacks, strokes and coronary heart disease sharply increases at once.

White rice. Some scientists consider that aged after 40 years women need to refuse regular consumption of rice. It belongs to the products rich with the refined carbohydrates which increase the content of sugar in blood. Development of many problems, from emergence of excess weight to diabetes is connected with process of increase in glucose in a female body.

Sugar. Frequent consumption of sweet accelerates skin aging, promoting collagen destruction - the protein providing to skin flatness, smoothness and elasticity. Besides collagen, sugar can is destructive to affect also fibers of other protein, elastin therefore skin becomes sluggish, lifeless, inclined to a ptoz. With age formation of collagen and elastin an organism naturally goes down, and the sugar eaten in a large number only accelerates process of age changes with skin.



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