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5 awful things which can happen to those who gnaw nails

Immediately get rid of this habit!

the Habit to gnaw nails - not such harmless as you could think! It appears at children aged from 4 years. It is still unknown what causes it, Cultura Colectiva writes. Perhaps, it is reaction to a stress and even sign of mental health problems.

according to some experts, this habit is descended. Anyway, but to gnaw nails - it is bad and unhealthy.

Here 5 serious diseases which can be caught if to gnaw nails:

1) Paronychia.

This serious pyoinflammatory infectious disease. Even insignificant damage of the site of skin near a nail plate can lead to a paronychia.

If in time not to see a doctor, an infection can extend to all finger and even all hand or a leg. At a paronychia okolonogtevy the roller reddens and swells, about it pus accumulates, painful feelings in a nail appear.

Against the background of a paronychia can develop more complicated form - a felon. At this stage pus gets under a nail plate, it becomes yellowish-green or gray. On the place of an old nail new - often deformed and irregular shape appears.

2) Sepsis.

is a reaction of an organism to an infection. Sepsis can lead to a lethal outcome literally in few hours. The condition of the patient with sepsis quickly worsens. Skin gets an unhealthy pale-gray shade, features are pointed.

Can appear rashes on lips, gnoynichka on skin, hemorrhages in a conjunctiva and mucous membranes. At the sharp course of sepsis patients quickly have decubituses, dehydration and exhaustion accrues.

Sepsis is always state of emergency therefore at the first suspicion on it it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

3) Virus of Papilloma of the Person (VPP). the Habit to gnaw nails can lead

to appearance of warts or a so-called virus of papilloma of the person - HPV. They "poseltsya" in a mouth and on lips.

of the New growth in a mouth are painless. However it is extremely easy to damage, break, bite them. At damage there can be bleeding and an open wound through which microbes will get into blood.

Besides, warts in a mouth and on lips cause psychological problems - such cosmetic defect is capable to drive in a depression for a long time.

4) Problems with teeth. the Habit to gnaw nails can lead

to problems with the upper and lower jaw. Pokusyvaniye of nails causes the shift of teeth. Because of it the bite changes, teeth are deformed and wear out. Stomatologists advise

urgently to get rid of this addiction - differently it is necessary to spend a fortune for restoration of teeth.

5) the Grown nail <(onikhokriptoz).br> of
the Nail plate grows into a side edge of the nail roller. The organism takes a plate for an alien body and sends leukocytes there. The sent cages perish, forming pus.

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